Pune Startup The Daily Cut Redefines Charcuterie with Indian Tastes

By Sunil Sonkar
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Pune Startup The Daily Cut Redefines Charcuterie with Indian Tastes

Chef Niket Drego from Pune is changing the way we think about meat. He started The Daily Cut, and now, he is mixing traditional skills with yummy Indian flavors in the world of charcuterie. It is like a tasty revolution happening right here. Established in 2021, the startup has experienced unexpected growth, necessitating a move to a larger facility in the coming year.


Charcuterie, rooted in the French term “chair cuit” (cooked meat), has a 6,000-year history, but it remained relatively unknown in mainstream India until recently. The Daily Cut is making special cold cuts with their hands. They are taking on sausages, salamis and frozen stuff to bring a fresh twist to meat.

Chef Drego, a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Aurangabad, envisions The Daily Cut as a provider of honest cold cuts, using 100% locally produced meat and natural ingredients. In contrast to store-bought alternatives filled with additives, preservatives and emulsifiers, the startup offers un-cured emulsified breakfast sausages, gochujang-cured bacon, smoked chicken and Nuernberger-style Bratwurst. The products come with a limited shelf life of one to one-and-a-half weeks.

Looking ahead to 2024, The Daily Cut plans to launch a line of Indian charcuterie, featuring cured and aged cold cuts infused with indigenous flavors. Imagine this – The “Pepperoni but Desi” at The Daily Cut is not like regular pepperoni. They use four types of Indian chillies instead of fancy smoked paprika.

Despite challenges associated with the artisanal nature of their products and the lack of awareness about charcuterie, The Daily Cut remains committed to its unique business model. Rejecting the mass production approach, Chef Drego emphasizes organic growth and client education over external funding. The Miso-cured bacon from The Daily Cut is made with real miso and lots of care. They want it to be super good, not just a lot. It’s all about quality.

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