Pune Startup Yodda Provides Reliable Senior Care Solutions

By Sunil Sonkar
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Pune Startup Yodda Provides Reliable Senior Care Solutions

In today’s fast-paced society, numerous young adults are finding themselves geographically distant from their aging parents due to the demands of their work. These elderly parents, frequently grappling with health challenges, often face the prospect of self-reliance. However, Yodda, a startup headquartered in Pune, has taken up the task of delivering dependable senior care in the absence of immediate family support.


Tarun Sharma, the brain behind the startup, is driven by a noble mission and it is to provide aid to elderly individuals whose children reside at a distance. In the contemporary landscape, shifting family dynamics often leave seniors without the familial support they once relied on. He said, “Our goal is to shoulder the responsibility of caregiving for these seniors, extending a comprehensive array of services encompassing everything from rapid emergency response to healthcare oversight, the convenient delivery of food and groceries, and even managing bill payments.”

Sharma, who had a successful career as a software professional overseas, returned to India after facing critical health issues with his parents, leading to their tragic passing. Through this challenging experience, he not only identified the shortcomings in the Indian healthcare system but also understood the immense care and time required to support an ailing family member. This personal journey gave birth to the concept of Yodda.

Yodda employs a range of technological solutions to cater to the needs of seniors. This includes a user-friendly mobile application, integration with smartwatches and the use of GPS pendants. Once onboarded, elderly individuals can request routine services or activate emergency responses through these tools or with a simple phone call. In case of an emergency, the Emergency Command Centre is immediately alerted. Notably, the startup exclusively hires individuals with military backgrounds for their adeptness in handling emergency situations.

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