PV Sindhu Backs Agritech Startup Greenday in Strategic Investment

By Sunil Sonkar
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PV Sindhu Backs Agritech Startup Greenday in Strategic Investment

Renowned badminton star PV Sindhu has lately announced her investment in the agritech startup Greenday. The investment will specifically be made in their FMCG brand, ‘Better Nutrition.’ Apart from this, Sindhu has also taken the role of brand ambassador of the company. The exact amount of her financial commitment has not yet been disclosed.


Greenday CEO and founder Prateek Rastogi shared in an interview how the new funds will be used to scale the operations. He said the new investment will be used in creating nutri-farms and it will be basically done by collaborating with the local farmers. It will also help them in expanding the farms as well as enhancing biofortification technology for various products and crops. They will simultaneously invest a part of it in consumer education.

Greenday was founded in 2017 and since then has built a strong foundation by collaborating with over 15,000 farmers. It mainly emphasizes on education and incentives to encourage the cultivation of nutrient-rich grain varieties. Its main mission is to enhance agricultural practices and improve the nutritional value of food produced in India. It claims to have generated revenues exceeding Rs 10 crore and this showcase its significant growth as well as good impact within the agricultural sector.

Rastogi also outlined their ambitious plans in the interview. He said that they intend to bio-fortify millets and certain oil seeds including mustard. Its bio-fortification process involves enhancing the nutritional profile of crops and simultaneously making them richer in essential vitamins as well as minerals.

Apart from all these, the Greenday aims to expand its reach in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. By doing so, they may help in boosting local economies and support livelihoods of many farmers.

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