QR-Based DIY SaaS Solutions, Qudify

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QR-Based DIY SaaS Solutions, Qudify 1

Akshat holds 6+ years of Entrepreneurial and PropTech Experience, previously he has built an IOT based marketplace for secondary real estate. Currently, he leads Qudify in Business, Product, Technology & overall strategy. The Brain behind POC & MVP of Qudify.


About the Qudify, Its value add to organizations ?

Qudify was launched in July 2022 with 2 MVPs to digitalise workspace usage and enhance the overall experience & efficiency.Its mission is to bring  Grade A building digital experience to 1.48 million Indian enterprises and MSMEs at affordable rates. This mobile-first platform is designed to be hardware independent and functions without application downloads.

Developing affordable QR-based SaaS solutions, which are hardware independent and operates without any application downloads forms the core of Qudify’s architecture.

Being a cloud-based service, it empowers the large enterprises to monitor workspace usage of multiple offices on a centralized platform, while ensuring minimum physical touch points across all their workspaces, which also reduces their carbon footprints by eliminating the use of paper and energy.

Being India’s first DIY (Do it yourself) SaaS the onboarding of new offices is super fast and can be done in a maximum time of 20 mins*, irrespective of the number of offices.

Adoption of the Visitor Management System in India evolved

The workplaces have evolved in every aspect especially due to hybrid working culture and multi-city presence. Security, Safety, and Sanitization have become extremely important than before. The adoption of advanced technology has become significant to implement the above 3 Ss seamlessly in the working spaces, especially when different kinds of people visit the premises on a daily basis.

Key challenges you are facing in the SAAS market?

Lack of awareness about the advantages of cloud based platforms and new-age technologies, which could bring positive changes in customer experience and workspace management.

In the post covid scenario, enterprises and MNCs are more willing than ever to adopt corporate practices which reduce carbon footprints and physical usage of common devices.

How do you see the company and the industry in the future ahead?

Universally accepted digital rails across industries like- Aadhar, UPI, FastTag, ONDC, increased number of smartphone usage, acceptance of digitalised tools & procedures, Rapid adoption of cloud based services and deeper internet penetration are some of the macro forces accelerating the growth of India SaaS industry.

The Indian SaaS market is expected to be valued at $50 Billion by 2030 and will account for almost 7 to 10% of the global SaaS market, from 2-4% at present.Out of which Workspace digitalization in India, is going to be a $3 Billion +, industry aimed at digitalizing the 1.48 million registered companies on MCA.

Going forward workspace usage is going to be digital and hardware independent, where the only hardware required to access a workspace is going to be a mobile phone.

What is the USP of Qudify?

Owing to its user-friendly technology, a QR-based Visitor Management System (VMS) is adept in catering to the needs of corporate towers, hostels, hotels, and manufacturing units in the most efficient ways. It makes Qudify, India’s Most affordable SaaS which is Independent of Hardware & Application download, hosted on a Cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and Quick onboarding

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