Qualcomm hopeful of faster 5G deployment in India

Qualcomm hopeful of faster 5G deployment in India 1

Qualcomm which is the largest mobile chipmaker is now going to start with the 5G technology that would be going to be deployed in India at the same pace of 4G networks were rolled out and noted the new age technology offered the great potential for the enterprises and consumers alike.

At the time of speaking to media, Qualcomm incorporated president Cristiano Amon revealed that he is so much happy with the pace at which India transition from 3G to 4G.

“When it happened, it happened very very fast. It’s remarkable what Reliance Jio has done, and I think it clearly surprised everyone in the industry,” he noted.

Emphasizing that 5G is going to have a “more profound impact on the industry,” Amon said he “would like India to be a 5G market as fast as we saw with 4G”.

He also added that Qualcomm is working with the ecosystem players like the device makers and regulators, across the globe which includes India for deployment of the new age generation of 5G Technology.

“We feel we have a role in driving the ecosystem together and that means everyone. Starting with regulators looking at the spectrum and all the changes required to promote new technology to device-makers to app developers to now other industries such as auto, industrial manufacturing, and healthcare,” Amon said.

Apart from just having the great Internet speed, the advent of the 5th generation of the wireless system or the 5G will going to enable the massive Internet of Things deployment that would now impact the sectors like the retail, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and others.

He pointed out that Qualcomm has been very active for almost two years now, “promoting 5G to the ecosystem and that includes India.”

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