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Qualcomm says it ships over 1 million chips per day for IoT

Qualcomm is an electronic giant by all means, but its latest announcement shows it is above many as of now. Apparently, it ships as many as one million chips every day for the cause of IoT or internet of things. The company believes it is the best in business in terms of creating commercial IoT products and ensures that the process is cost-effective and quick. Devices ranging from voice and music detector and sensor, connected cameras, drones, wearable devices and robots, home appliances control and automated machines and many others.

Surely, this is an unprecedented scale of involvement which shows how Qualcomm is expanding to the call of new technology and pervading everyday objects by intervening in fields of computing, connectivity as well as security. IoT is committed to make a smarter, more convenient and secure environment across the globe and Qualcomm is providing the base for it.

Spanning it across every direction

Hundreds of brands are Qualcomm’s customers as of now and considering IoT devices will have an impact of 11 trillion dollars in the next ten years, it is surely going to have a big share for Qualcomm. It is moving in mobile innovations and are trying to invest in ideas of deep learning, LTE based IoT and many more to ensure that the devices can become even smarter.

Qualcomm has its investment across various fields as of now. Wearable devices occupy a large portion as more than 150 varieties of wearable devices are powered by Qualcomm and that includes more than 80 percent of the Android devices. Smartwatches are one of the top priorities in this regard. Even the world of home entertainment is dominated by Qualcomm and all kinds of Android phones use its process. The MDM9206 modem is highly popular among commercial users and it has also expanded itself in LTE technology.

Addressing them all simultaneously

Of course, managing so many fields can be difficult. But Qualcomm is doing it well as the chips have a wide range of portfolio that spans from mobile to multimedia, WiFi to cellular and Bluetooth system-based services. They also support all sorts of software-based services and APIs and functions across all kinds of protocols, clouds and operating systems. In short, Qualcomm is making sure it expands its market across all directions and the differences are eliminated by all means for a free reign.

In fact, manufacturers will find a helping hand in Qualcomm as it has released many as 25 reference platforms for design that allows you to develop IoT devices without wasting much time or money. The network of ODMs or original design manufacturers is at the helm of things in this regard. They can now easily design all sorts voice assistants for your home, connected cameras for surveillance, smart lighting systems and smart entry points as well as the latest VR headsets. In short, Qualcomm wants to claim a certain kind of monopoly in the market in terms of supply of chips as they are taking over various kinds of devices.

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