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Qualcomm Vs Intel: Who Will Win the Battle of Chipmakers in the IoT Sphere?

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When it comes to mobile processors, there are a number of set players in the market with Qualcomm leading the pack and competitors like Exynos, MediaTek, and even Kirin to an extent bringing up the rear! If we turn to the desktop space, we find that Intel has established their dominance quite firmly, with AMD struggling to maintain a hold on their already diminishing.

Qualcomm Vs Intel

Now things get a bit complicated and a whole lot more interesting in the IoT space. The battle of the desktop and the mobile giants heats up as both of them are trying very hard to achieve success in this fledgling field by aggressively pricing and adding features both to their platforms and to the individual chipsets.

However, as we have seen often in the world of tech, it’ll all boil down eventually to who has put in more research and a good way of understanding that is comparing the number of patents that both of them hold!

Who Holds The Most Patents on IoT?

Qualcomm Vs Intel

Qualcomm here has the lead with the highest number of patents, 724 compared to Intel’s 688. However, with a difference of just 36 patents; the competition here is just too much to decide who has a clear lead.

As a matter of fact, the graph above reveals that not only do Qualcomm, and Intel have a surprisingly large amount of patents on IoT, but other companies like LG, ZTE, and even Nokia have their stakes in there as well. But not all patents are created equal, and some patents have more value than others.

Qualcomm Vs Intel

As this modified graph reveals, Qualcomm pulls way ahead of the rest with 157 important patents. This is a far cry to Intel’s 40 and one of the primary reasons why Intel is at a major disadvantage when it comes to the IoT Race.

Who Are the Other Major Contenders?

Keeping the two main players, Qualcomm, and Intel out of the fray, LG has a fairly good portfolio of patents as well as which will help if they ever want to get into the silicone manufacturing arena!

Other than that, Qualcomm seems well set to rule the IoT Chipset world according to this report. What do you guys think about this? Which company has the best chance at IoT? Let us know in the comments below!

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