Qualcomm’s Cloud AI 100 is purpose-built for AI

One of the largest chip maker company Qualcomm has now revealed a new processor that introduces the AI expertise to the cloud, as it also looks to diversify beyond the mobile phone market.

The Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 seeks to meet the increased demand for the AI inference processing in the cloud, the company revealed in a statement.

The chip utilizes the company latest innovative technology in the advanced signal processing and power efficiency while even facilitating the distributed intelligence from the cloud to the customer’s end as well as some of the other points in between, the company revealed.

Qualcomm will now begin testing the new latest chip with the partners such as Microsoft later this year and is also likely to roll out the Cloud AI 100 to the customers in the mid of the year.

Qualcomm which owns a large share in the market for the mobile smartphone chips with its portfolio Snapdragon said that tie AI software will work better than any their competitor’s combination of the central processing units and graphics processing units of the data centers. The AI will also infer the data on the cloud and process on its own without having any human directions.

“Today, we bring AI acceleration to over a billion client devices. Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 accelerator will significantly raise the bar for the AI inference processing. We are well positioned to support complete cloud-to-edge AI solutions all connected with high-speed and low-latency 5G connectivity,” said Keith Kressin, senior vice president, product management at Qualcomm.

Qualcomm also said that the Cloud AI 100 works on an efficient chip specially designed for the purpose apart from even supporting the machine learning frameworks such as the Google TensorFlow and Facebook PyTorch.


Written by Udit Agarwal

Startup/Tech News Correspondent, Responsible for gathering information on the tech companies working on IOT, AI, ML, Cloud, Mobile Technologies,

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