Quantum Computing and Deep Learning Can Tackle “Unsolvable” Problems

Quantum Computing and Deep Learning Can Tackle “Unsolvable” Problems

Quantum Computing and Deep Learning Can Tackle “Unsolvable” Problems, Says IBM

The only way to take advantage of speed without an overwhelming overhead is for companies to access the quantum computers through a particular API within the cloud. Very recently IBM has announced its very first venture in building quantum computing that will be available commercially. The name has been fixed as IBM Q.

Most of these systems as well as the services for such quantum computing will be available on the platform of IBM cloud. However, the process will not be as imagined. The companies will not take quantum computers for use in a spare cubicle. These will be used on the platform which has made possible a number of innovations including Watson. Hence, it can be seen as the correct period to make a new phrase, the Quantum as a Service.

Specialty of Quantum Services

The traditional computers encode the information available in to bits. Hence, the information is available as either a one or a zero, an on or an off. Thus, it is a short primer. The quantum computers on the other hand operate through different means, in the form of qubits. This method takes help from the entanglement and the superimposition which will be available. Hence, with superimposition each of the qubit can be both a zero as well as one. With entanglement, each of the qubits can be related together.

Quantum Computing and Deep Learning Can Tackle “Unsolvable” Problems

Thus, their individual states may depend on one another very easily. With the help of such mechanisms, computer working with quantum services may create much more complex switches than simple on and off mechanisms. This will allow the computers to move through the data in a way that will be very different from the process used by the traditional computers.

Deep Learning Techniques

The quantum computers may be seen as very complex and expensive machines which are very difficult to build. These are very unlike the normal server racks. These are not the kind of products that normal companies can keep on their own premises. Moreover, the cost for such products can put them out of the reach of most companies. These are almost like super computers in many different respects. However, companies will be able to take advantage of the great speed which is available without having an overwhelming overhead by accessing such a quantum computer through the API within a cloud.

Moreover, quantum computing has a number of very appealing features for some companies. It offers a number of options for companies which would like to explore machine learning to the maximum limit. The machine learning by traditional means can run very well on the classical computers. This is because such machine learning depends on finding a certain pattern in the existing sets of data.

However, with quantum computing, another step forward may be taken in to this area. The quantum computers can help to find patterns and connections in places where sufficient data is not available for such patterns to be established. Such computers take in to account some possibilities which are on a completely different scale of magnitude. This leads to a more complex manner of learning as well as deep learning that can be much more expressive in many respects.

Future for IBM Q

The future for IBM Q has been envisioned by the senior vice president of IBM systems. The systems are supposed to be working together with the range of portfolios for some of the classical systems with very high performance. It will help to address a number of problems that cannot be solved. However, the problems which are addressed will hold a lot of value that is yet unexplored.


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