Quest for Skilled Chief AI Officers Heats Up

The Chief AI Officer role is growing in importance as companies aim to boost efficiency with AI.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Quest for Skilled Chief AI Officers Heats Up

In a rapidly evolving corporate landscape, a new executive role is gaining prominence – the Chief AI Officer. This role is becoming important because companies are trying to use artificial intelligence (AI) to work better and save time as well.


Different kinds of businesses, from hiring to technology, are looking for people to do the Chief AI Officer job that requires understanding AI details and help the company reach its greater goals. With more companies wanting to use AI, many CEOs are unsure how to make it work in their companies.

A recent survey by Accenture highlighted that only 27% of surveyed C-suite executives feel their companies are adequately prepared to scale up with generative AI.

However, the road to finding the right Chief AI Officer is not without challenges. While some companies question the necessity of this role, recruiters emphasize that technical skills alone, even those possessed by data scientists and machine learning engineers, are insufficient.

According to Greg Selker, a managing director at Stanton Chase, an ideal Chief AI Officer should possess a diverse skill set, understanding not only the technical aspects of AI but also the practical applications across the entire business. Chris Daigle, the CEO of, says that smaller businesses often need a leader who knows about AI tools and can use them smartly in different parts of the business.

Being a Chief AI Officer requires being good with technology, having smart plans, and being a leader at the top level of the company. As Chris Daigle points out, it is not just about being a ChatGPT expert, but it is also about understanding how to leverage AI to transform the entire business.

But it is hard to find the right person for this job because the field is still pretty new and it is not easy to find leaders with all the skills needed.

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