ReactJS or AngularJS: Right choice for IoT Product Development

ReactJS or AngularJS: Right choice for IoT Product Development 1

With the availability of numerous libraries and frameworks, web development technology is becoming impressively rich and multifaceted. Out of these, the two most powerful ones being React and Angular that arise from the two immense competitors, namely Google and Facebook. React is a framework that is already a well-established platform in the game, whereas Angular is a comparatively fresh one. 

React, and Angular has been quite under the debate for a very long time. Let us now have a look at each one of them separately.

React JS

Initially, you might find it quite strange to make use of React development for any IoT projects. However, in the case of developing user interfaces for VR and 3D, cross-platform mobile app development, React Js apps, and lot more, React comes in quite handy. The use of React JS for server-side IoT applications, too is becoming immensely popular. Many of the IoT development companies are now seeking developers from React Js companies due to the numerous benefits provided by the platform. 

Let us now have a quick look at the various benefits offered by this amazing platform. 


Separation of Concerns React 

Any alteration done to a single component will not necessarily affect the remaining code. Hence the feature of separation of concerns is quite beneficial for you. With the help of this feature, there won’t be any possibility of you getting lost within the interactions of the compound code. These interactions basically take place between the data and IoT sensors. 

Component Life Cycle Method 

In the case of React applications, the rendering of components takes place on to the virtual DOM. This is mainly because React is a JS library that is component-based. Note that the same method is followed by the components each time before and after the rendering process. 

In this situation, you consequently receive and act without the need to access more amount of data than necessary. The component life cycle method helps in streamlining the interactions of the apps with the true world. It also makes sure that all the components involved are keeping up with the changes in data. 

Compositional Structure 

The React framework works on compositional structure rather than a structure that is purely based on inheritance. This ensures an effective organization of your code. In the case of the inheritance model, things might turn out to be more complicated when dealing with IoT product development. 

However, React Native eliminates such inconveniences and allows you to create more components within after you have created one component. 

A rich and open Tool Set 

Another reason why frontend development along with React is quite the best option is that it a free and easily accessible open-source library. React is a toolset that is rich in terms of its ecosystem and includes many useful tools. 

SEO Friendly 

If you plan on pairing your project well along with top search engines such as Google, then you must definitely hire React JS developers. Due to its excellent speed and high performance, the users are provided with a seamless experience. 

Angular JS 

Angular is an open-source JavaScript development framework that has been gaining huge popularity in recent years due to its capability of offering fasted and lighter apps. The platform also helps eliminate any irrelevant codes. 

By opting for the best one among the top Angular JS companies, you can now build interactive and dynamic applications along with some amazing features. Another benefit of this platform is that you do have to consider any third party libraries while dealing with Angular. 

Let us take a look at some of the most prominent advantages of Angular JS. 


Supported by Google 

Note that Google has rendered a Long Term Support that is extended since it is quite keen on scaling up the Angular JS ecosystem furthermore. This indicates that Angular truly has a promising future ahead. 


Typescript is typically the language that is used for developing Angular applications. This language is quite beneficial since it ensures security and also supports types in cases of primitives, interfaces, etc. 

Declarative UI 

Another reason why you need to hire Angular JS developers to provide top IoT development services is mainly that Angular makes use of HTML. In comparison to JavaScript, HTML is declarative, intuitive, and a typically less circulated type of language. 

Easy Testing 

Angular makes the testing process extremely simple. Application parts contained in the modules are quite easy to manipulate. It also allows you to load other relevant services through module separation while carrying out effective automatic testing. 

Do make sure to consult the top IoT solution provider in India to achieve optimal results and effective solutions to your business project. 

Things to consider while selecting between ReactJS or AngularJS

  • Always take into account the MVC pattern. Note that Angular development is typically based on MVC pattern. However, React is accompanied by just the MVC’s view component, which ultimately results in increased code lines. 
  • Another important aspect while comparing React JS framework and angular JS framework is data binding. A process like this assists in establishing a strong connection between the user interface and the business logic involved behind the app. 

In the case of Angular, it makes use of a two-way coupling, which allows the framework to establish a connection between model data and DOM. This is basically done through a microcontroller and is known to affect the performance of angular JS apps.  

On the contrary, React JS makes use of one-way type binding. Since the data binding takes place only in one way, the debugging process turns out to be quite natural. This is commonly observed in the case of large-sized applications. Though with Angular, you might have to deal with this problem. 

In addition to this, React engineers have also managed to add a virtual DOM feature that comes built-in. This feature is responsible for reducing the load time in any browser. 

  • Note that both React as well as Angular are quite handy technologies for IoT applications. However, they do possess some distinct features that help us distinguish their usefulness. If your project is about a small-sized and simpler application than you could opt for React JS development services. 

However, if scalability or any other related feature is your concern, then it’s best to opt for Angular JS development services. 

It’s time to exploit the full potential of IoT by choosing  IoT services provided by top every IoT application development company in order to create strategic solutions for your business project. 

Final Words 

The above discussion clearly indicates that both the platforms, Angular as well as React, come with huge benefits in case of developing applications. However, both platforms are quite different in their strengths and weaknesses. As has been discussed above, React is clearly a more suitable choice for applications of smaller size. On the other hand, if you prefer features such scalability, then Angular turns out to be a perfect choice. 

Ultimately, do make sure to go through the points mentioned above to decide on which of the two frameworks would be a perfect choice for your business project requirements. 


1.What Are The Different Advantages Of Using React? 

A platform like React is quite simple to learn and offers great support to server-side rendering. React is a quite robust framework and is perfectly suitable for applications that are content focused. 

2.What Are The Pros Of Using Angular? 

The angular platform is prominently known for its high-performance feature and clean coding environment. The framework can allow routing and is also known for providing a seamless interface.

3.Which Of The Two Is A Better Option, Angular Or React?

The choice will depend totally on the requirements of your project and what aspects you would like to focus more on. Both these platforms are quite flexible and offer diverse approaches when it comes to the development of web applications. React JS is mostly employed for improving specified parts, whereas Angular is employed mostly for creating the core of any front end app. 

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