Real time train and bus status will be visible on Google Maps

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Real time train and bus status will be visible on Google Maps 1

After a recent update, Google maps has introduced 3 new options to its current ones, particularly targeting the Indian masses. Maps, following its path steps from the past, will navigate through the routes whereas conjointly showing the traffic around the path. Alongside, the app also will show the time and statuses of trains and buses for people that use public transport.


The company, utilizing their traffic and map knowledge, can currently be able to inform the status of public transport far more accurately. Which suggests, the user will browse the traffic conditions on the means of the route and might see how long it takes for the bus to reach an exact location.

The buses which will reach on time is shown in green, and the ones which run late are shown in red. The feature is accessible in 10 Indian cities of the metropolis, Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Lucknow, Chennai, Mysore, Coimbatore, and Surat.

To examine an inventory of trains for specific routes, users can enter their starting and the destination location. whether or not any of the trains are delayed also will show up in the period of time. As per Google’s official diary post, this feature was developed unitedly with the ‘Where is my Train’ app that was non inheritable by the search big last year.

Maps can currently conjointly show Mixed-mode navigation with Associate in Nursing auto-rickshaw recommendation. The user will sort within the location that they wanna reach, and google maps can offer the shortest route, alongside showing the need for taking a an auto rickshaw within the journey. to modify between a bus and auto, or railway and an auto on an everyday basis, this new feature will definitely are available handy.

Finally, journeys that mix auto-rickshaw and transport in Maps can get directions support. This exclusive feature is accessible in metropolis and urban center at the start.

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