Reasons for Investing in Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Apps!

AI has found its way towards many sectors including robotics, industrial machinery, health care, education, etc. The field that it has influenced the most is mobile app development sector. AI or Artificial Intelligence was on the list of top 10 trending mobile app features in 2017.

But what is AI?   AI is the intelligence displayed by machines which are naturally associated with humans. In simple words, AI is the machine’s intelligence which also has its own thought process and thinking, just like humans. If you own an iPhone or a Windows 10 PC then you may have definitely came across AI. Remember Siri or Cortana, those are the AI that you may have interacted with but the list doesn’t end there, we will see more popular AI’s further ahead.
Reasons for Investing in Artificial Intelligence Enabled Mobile Apps! 1
There are many companies investing in AI nowadays. Tech kings such as Baidu and Google are investing to 30 billion dollars on AI every year (90% on the R&D department and 10% on AI accession). You may think that those companies are already developed and can afford to invest in AI. But note this – over 200 global IT companies are investing in AI along with the above-mentioned tech giants. But it still doesn’t answer the question why invest in AI?
Here are some reasons that may make it clear why you should invest in AI enabled mobile apps.
AI voice interface
AI’s voice interface is useful in IOT, Chatbots  mobile interaction, etc. The voice interface makes any app personalized for the user hence, enhancing user experience. In IOT providing a separate interface for every device can be really confusing but including AI will make it easier for the devices to connect and the user to command. Chatbots are trending day by day because of the smartness of the bots people are really interested to talk with bots. And if you look it as per the business point of view AI is really profitable.

AI’s automated reasoning
There are many algorithms designed to solve reasoning problems but there are limitations to algorithms when it comes to reasoning. There is a much better solution to this limitation that is using AI to solve reasoning. These reason solving power of AI can be profitable in your business. World’s biggest cab aggregator Uber uses advanced AI algorithms to collect data from other Uber drivers (data like the road previously traveled) which will make sure the road is safe to travel. Hence, optimizing the best route options which in turn enhances the experience of end-users.

Pattern analysis

AI has empowered mobile apps to provide a personalized experience to the user because of its capability to learn behavior patterns of users. Many e-commerce apps and travel apps are using these designs and provide users with promising shopping experience and convenience. Natural language processing and machine processing has made the interaction of users with mobile apps easier. An AI-powered travel app name “Snaptravel” engages users with a humane conversation and helps them to book hotel rooms while keeping the user’s preference and budget in mind.

Popular AI in the business

Cortana ::  Cortana is the Microsoft’s virtual assistant that utilizes AI providing users with a voice interface. Cortana’s voice interface allows users to set a reminder, find an answer on the web and more. Cortana also has a mobile app interface that analyzes user’s pattern and provides appropriate solutions.

Starbucks ::  Starbucks mobile app uses AI in its new feature called My Starbucks Barista. Ordering coffee and paying for it has become an easy task after Starbucks introduced voice-enabled AI barista. Barista also offers a personalized experience to the user by learning their behavior and patterns.

Siri :: The very well-known Siri is also an AI. It uses machine learning to adapt to user’s usage of language. It attempts to answer questions from the users, make suggestions and performs tasks by using internet services.

It won’t come as a surprise if we wake up tomorrow and see all the applications supported by AI. Artificial intelligence is definitely taking mobile app development sector by storm. AI-enabled apps are attracting more users and increasing the user retention rate in the apps in a very effective way. Mobile app development  companies around the world are attempting to build apps enabled by AI technology.

Written by Parth Patel

Mr. Parth Patel is a digital marketer and Mobile Technologies Expert having 7+ years of experience and expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Email Marketing and Mobile Technologies.He has published many blogs and articles on marketing, Mobile trends and latest tools and technology.

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