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Reasons for Samsung Note7 failure and impact on Samsung brand

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Reasons of Samsung Note 7 failure:

Samsung has found out 92 reports of Note 7 batteries that are blasting because of overheating .  With 26 burn reports and 55 property damage reports, the set is yet to be banned. The company is now working on the potential to recall the Note 7s for second time.

According to some spokesperson from Samsung, the statement is clear that the company has decided to stop the production of Galaxy Note 7 consequently. How fast Samsung can recover from the failure of Note 7 is not so much clear. The relevant company is experiencing substantial and immediate, as well as financial blow. The cell phone batteries today get charged faster. The mobiles are plugged first into socket, not at the end of trickle charging when the last few percent of charge has to reach their maximum capacity.impact on Samsung brand

Nevertheless, the Note 7 smart phone did not explode in the right away. Moreover, the reported instance of catching fire or smoking is happened when the phone is plugged or else left behind charging.  Overnight charging is more dangerous in this case.

Several smart phones of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 spontaneously exploded in the month of August. That time, the South Korean company went behind the reason and went overdrive. It urged to find out the real problem, where it lies in order to diagnose and to solve the problem.

Impact of Note 7 failure on Samsung:

No one avail any hand gadget or phone to get exploded. The engineers of Samsung initially analyzed and concluded the complications that were caused due to faulty batteries and many other reasons possibly. They performed the whole work with an immediate effect. The Samsung has announced the relaunching of Samsung Note 7 hand gadget in next September. The company has decided to stay on the business strategy and to maintain continue shipping of new Galaxy Note 7 including the batteries and other accessories from different supplier.

Nonetheless, the solution gets failed. The Reports of previous failure is surfaceimpact on Samsung brandd soon while some replacements were taking up too. The Company professionals and honed engineers were ready to take the challenge and went back to the drawing board. As per the test process and different examinations, the condition of anonymity is addressed with suitable modification and confidential internal workings. On that same week, the testers of Samsung Company were unable to explore the reasons of failure.

Still it has not been disclosed what specific reasons that caused the Note 7s to blast and catch fire. In addition, the real problem is still not found. The company is facing many questions regarding the safety measures and other terms of this product. However, no brand mobiles are safe ultimate whereas some phones are unlucky to come as the victim of nasty burn and smoke.

The damage introduced here with this device is looking severe. However, before the announcement from Samsung that the Galaxy Note 7 was a ceasing production, the share market of South Korea fell down by more than 8 percent. It is to be noted that this is the biggest drop in the share market since 2008. It has the impact directly on company’s market value. Many strategy analytics had estimated it earlier that the Samsung could have the loss of more than $10 billion. And it is only because of the raised problems of phone. Although, the business of Samsung is helped by buying the panel screens and computer chips.Reasons for Samsung Note7 failure and impact on Samsung brand

However, the entire process was too late. According to Samsung, the issue was killing popularity and reliability of the Galaxy Note 7 entirely. The gigantic move is unusual enough in the technical industry. Here company is trying to improve the quality and the features of a product rather than pulling it down. The accidental failure of this device causes two-months of fall for the Samsung Company. It has been taken a worse experience from investors which have been not seen before. It matters the safety regulators as well as the consumers satisfaction over reliability and trustworthiness.  In exact words, with this marquee product which was supposed to be the major rival of Apple’s iPhone, now it is going to wipe out due to a failure.

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