Closes $4.8M From Index Ventures & Gradient to Make Calendars Smarter

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6 Min Read Closes $4.8M From Index Ventures & Gradient to Make Calendars Smarter 1

Intelligent calendar assistant and time management platform gives users up to 40% more time in their workweeks

Advertisement, an intelligent calendar assistant and time management platform, today announced that they have raised $4.8M in seed funding, bringing their overall funding to $6.3M. The round was led by Index Ventures, with participation from Gradient Ventures, Flying Fish, Operator Partners, and Calendly. Other strategic investors include Jason Warner, CTO at Github; Sue Khim, CEO at; Alex Solomon, Co-Founder & CTO at PagerDuty; Kenny Van Zant, former Head of Business at Asana; and Yvonne Wassenaar, CEO at Puppet.

Reclaim is a smart calendar assistant that helps individuals and teams across thousands of companies become the best versions of themselves in work and life. In just a few minutes, Reclaim can organize their entire schedule around key priorities, sync availability across multiple calendars, and make changes to their workweek with significantly reduced toil. Reclaim automatically blocks flexible, adaptive time for tasks, daily routines, personal life, and key projects — all without a user ever having to move events around manually. The funding from this latest round will go towards expanding the team and accelerating development, as they look to build team features atop a platform that is already being used daily by over 4,000 companies worldwide.

Reclaim was born out of firsthand experience collaborating in growing, fast-paced companies, where time is a valuable commodity and meetings dominate the schedule. This is what led co-founders Patrick Lightbody and Henry Shapiro to create a product that helps busy professionals and teams to get better control over their calendars. Reclaim brings a new balance to time management by blocking time for focused work while still keeping users available for meetings, merging multiple schedules to prevent overbookings, and providing productivity stats to help knowledge workers get ahead of burnout.

Reclaim’s most recent release, Planner, empowers users to take control of their workweek by giving them a simple tool that automatically reorganizes their entire schedule. In just a single click, users can tell Reclaim to shift priorities and Planner will adapt their workweek to accommodate it. Reclaim leverages a mix of intelligent services and natural language processing to do its job and learns as users interact with the platform to help rebalance their schedules more intuitively. Reclaim also takes a unique approach to time blocking, where it runs millions of simulations daily to predict how busy a user’s workweek is. Reclaim’s time blocking adapts based on these simulations and makes the schedule more or less flexible based on how busy the user is predicted to be.

“Time is golden in the modern workplace, especially now that teams are more and more remote,” says Shardul Shah of Index Ventures. “Good time management and prioritization skills are becoming essential not just for individual professionals, but for teams and entire organizations as well. Reclaim is poised to bring an entire generation of companies into a world where their priorities — not random meetings — determine how time gets spent.”

With more than one in four Americans now working from home, balancing professional and personal priorities has become more complex and difficult than ever before. For parents managing remote learning sessions for their children, workers taking on multiple side gigs, or software teams struggling to make the transition to remote work, Reclaim helps to bring order to chaotic, convoluted schedules. In a recent survey conducted across thousands of busy professionals by the Reclaim team, users reported that they spent between 10 and 30 percent of their workweeks just managing their calendars — and that Reclaim gets them back up to 40 percent of their time every week.

“We’re living in a world of intense distraction and growing complexity,” says Patrick Lightbody, CEO and co-founder of Reclaim, “For the vast majority of modern knowledge workers, there’s more demand for their time than there is capacity to fulfill it. We envision a future where the calendar is smart enough to know exactly what busy professionals need before they know they need it, and we’re excited to bring this power to thousands of teams and organizations in the coming months.” is used by employees across more than 4,000 companies worldwide. The product is currently free throughout 2021 and currently integrates with Google Calendar for time blocking and automation, with support for Office 365 coming soon. To learn more, please visit

About is an intelligent calendar assistant and time management platform that blocks flexible time on your schedule for anything you want to get done. In just a few minutes, Reclaim gets your workweek organized around the things that matter to you, merges availability across all your calendars, and enables you to change your entire schedule without breaking a sweat. Reclaim was founded in Portland, OR.

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