Reddit Updated With Ability to Search Within Post Comments, News Feeds and More

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Reddit Updated With Ability to Search Within Post Comments, News Feeds and More 1

Reddit has recently made the introduction of some of the recently launched features as part of a new update. As per the guidelines or we can say the reveal of the company, the company is having an objective to permit the users to easily engage in conversations, discover and post content. The social media platform, Reddit has also made the inclusion of some of the abilities to search within post comments along with a dedicated video feed and a de-cluttered interface. The characteristics will also grant the customers the search the comments section for specific words or phrases by tapping on the search lens which was primarily available on the top. The latest Read and Watch feeds to the app are quite similar to the feature which was already offered by Instagram Reels and TikTok.


As per the post detailing the updates to the app, Reddit mentioned that the platform has brought product and design improvements in order to simplify and streamline how people discover, join, and contribute (post, vote, or comment) in its communities which were named subreddits. Along with all these things, the platform has added several new features like the ability to view posts in the Read feed and a Watch feed for vertical video content.

The platform, Reddit has also brought a new decluttered interface; the objective of this decluttered interface is to facilitate the refining of the user experience on the platform. The company promised to launch new updates that will be helpful for making the improvisation of its video player, chat features, new shopfront updates, updated web platform, and many more.

Chief Product Officer of Reddit, Pali Bhat had mentioned that the new and existing users on Reddit will be improving the experiences and options to discover new and interesting content and communities in uncluttered spaces.

Reddit has also made launched the ability to comment with GIFs. Earlier, the feature was restricted to the Powerups subscribers. Powerups a community subscription makes use of special perks and features for the community. The company later scrapped Powerups along with some of the popular features that have been bundled into the subscription service. Reddit makes the enablement of all safe-for-work (SFW) subreddits to activate the commenting in GIFs feature letting them comment in GIFs.

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