Redefining e-commerce solutions for enterprise -StoreHippo

Redefining e-commerce solutions for enterprise -StoreHippo 1

Strategies for Business in India

Going digital is the way out for businesses of all sizes, brands as well as the SMEs have realized the benefits of selling online. The adoption of e-commerce took a sudden leap with the pandemic and the safety measures in place. With the right ecommerce set up in place businesses have been able to survive the pandemic and build a future roadmap for growth.  Omnichannel selling and  giving the best shopping experience to your buyers should be the strategy for better conversions. Also, leverage mobile commerce and amp up the mobile presence of your business to get better visibility and customer retention.  as mobile is the channel which brings you the most conversions. Choose a mobile-ready solution for building your online store and apps and optimize your content, marketing and everything else around selling on mobile. Along with this go for personalization for better conversions.

How does StoreHippo help ecommerce brands in boosting their business?

StoreHippo offers turnkey mobile-ready solutions for Enterprise grade businesses and also helps SMEs start their business with cutting edge solutions which gives them a level playing field. We make the online journey of our clients smoother and faster by offering a one-stop solution to help them build an omnichannel presence for better conversions. StoreHippo’s  mobile-ready platform offers PWA stores and also builds mobile apps to help clients with mobile commerce. StoreHippo also takes care of all the order management, payment, shipping and marketing requirements of its clients. 

Company’s vision to increase market share

StoreHippo plans to be the first choice of enterprise businesses planning to build their online presence. We are offering our clients a one stop solution for building and growing their business which differentiates us from other similar platform providers. Also, StoreHippo is continuously incorporating the forecasted trends for ecommerce in its platform to keep its clients ahead of competitors. 

·         How has ecommerce segment been effected

Ecommerce has already been growing at a very fast rate and the pandemic has accelerated the growth by 5 years. In the kneejerk reaction, many offline stores have realized that going online is the only way to survive the crisis and build a better customer base in future. Ecommerce and turnkey ecommerce solutions like StoreHippo has helped many businesses stay afloat during these tough times.

·         E-commerce sales, Hyperlocal ecommerce & new trends & How StoreHippo is building its expertise in Integrated services

StoreHippo is offering integrated features and tools along with shipping solution for hyperlocal ecommerce. We also have the right tools in place to promote ecommerce selling and omnichannel presence for brands. StoreHippo prizes itself in offering integrated services be it payment channels, shipping solutions, marketing tools or easy and efficient management of the overall business. StoreHippo offers battle-tested solutions for all the current trends and periodically keeps releasing solutions for upcoming ecommerce trends that offer next-generation solution for brands.

·         How are ecommerce companies looking at revamping and reshaping in new normal

Eommerce companies are looking for building multiple customer touchpoints to have a omnichannel presence. Also, ecommerce has become more of selling through mobile and companies are upgrading their efforts to offer the best mobile buying experience to their customers. With better and faster deliveries, ecommerce companies are trying to lure more customers. Brands are going direct to customer instead of selling on popular marketplaces. 

·         What are the new strategies, functions and trends that the company is introducing to cater to its ecommerce clients?

StoreHippo is designed around the core mantra of making it easier for its clients to start their online journey. Also, we focus on offering a headstart to our clients by giving them next-generation solutions which gives the brands an edge over their competition. StoreHippo is the pioneer of PWA for ecommerce and we have also used headless commerce extensively to help our clients personalize their buyer experiences. StoreHippo offers an easily customizable platform which is best suited for large businesses with unique requirements. 

·         What are the forthcoming demands in ecommerce segment for 2021

More focus on Omnichannel selling, new and agile payment methods, faster deliveries, AI and IoT based  forecasting, sales prediction, more aggressive personalization with headless commerce, dynamic pricing by brands for customer specific requirements, more shift towards D2C for brands, almost complete shift towards selling on mobile.

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