Report Exposes AI’s Potential Negative Effects on Climate Action

AI can track deforestation and predict weather, but overreliance could worsen climate crisis, warns report.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Report Exposes AI's Potential Negative Effects on Climate Action

Some think artificial intelligence (AI) is a great tool to fight climate change as it can watch out for deforestation and predict severe weather in advance. However, a recent report from environmental groups warns us to be cautious while using it. They are concerned that relying too much on it might worsen the climate crisis.


The report states that AI uses a lot of energy and this is a big worry. As AI gets popular and requires more data, it will need more electricity to run the servers. This could make climate change worse. The report further states that AI servers could use up as much energy as countries like Sweden and in a very short time.

Also, AI spreading wrong climate info is a problem too. With its ability to generate vast amounts of content quickly and cheaply, it could be exploited to spread false or misleading information about climate science as well as the impacts of global warming.

Even though there are worries, some experts are still hopeful about AI helping with climate change. They state that it can be useful in predicting weather and tracking animals. They also say that companies need to be honest while using AI and simultaneously ensure to use it responsibly.

It can be said that AI might be useful in battling climate change, but we need to be cautious as well. We need to consider the potential issues it could create. We need to be honest, accountable as well as smart while using it.

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