Report Reveals Cloud Infrastructure as Top Cyber Risk for Indian Businesses

By Sunil Sonkar
2 Min Read
Report Reveals Cloud Infrastructure as Top Cyber Risk for Indian Businesses

A latest report from Tenable, a renowned company in exposure management, shares important information about how cybersecurity works in Indian businesses. The report rings an alarm, with a substantial 70% of cybersecurity and IT leaders in India pointing to cloud infrastructure as the primary source of cyber risk within their organizations. This apprehension is rooted in the utilization of public cloud platforms (36%), multi-cloud configurations (23%) and private cloud infrastructure (10%) as well.


The report further reveals that it is important to think about who has access to stuff and what they can do with it. About 78% of Indian people in the report agree with this idea. However, a significant 64% of organizations admit to struggling when it comes to the practical integration of this vital data into their preventive cybersecurity practices. This means there is a real gap between knowing about a problem and actually doing things to keep cloud systems safe.

Kartik Shahani, who manages Tenable in India, explains that cloud security is really tricky. He states that almost everything in the cloud is just one mistake away from being a problem. This shows we need to be super careful and manage cloud systems really well to avoid risks.

The report also looks at how companies do things in their organizations apart from the tech stuff. While 28% of respondents conduct monthly meetings on business-critical systems, a concerning 9% of organizations convene only once a year or even less. This finding suggests that companies might not talk enough about keeping their information safe. It shows we need more regular and proactive discussions about keeping things secure.

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