Researcher — Artificial Intelligence to add 4-D Effects in movies


James Cameron, the fantastic director of 3-D film Avatar which blow the air of sensation in the film industry in 2009 with that revolution the film industry is having there golden time started again and created a impressive image about the industry in the eye of world viewership.

When there is small hint of so called 4-D films have such elements  which already exist, so here cones the answer a group of researchers from University of Toronto are working on which to imply such great effects of 4-D in more broader way.

“Watching a film that got a special place in those kind of category which are actually very difficult to imagine ” said Yuhao Zhou,  he is a fourth year undergraduate in Edward S. Rogers Senior department of electrical and computer engineering, working collectively to merge entertainment with engineering.” Still in today’s world class special effects of 4-D are being used in the first phase of production. We are trying to automate these process that are not creating effects originally for 4-D movies.”

Zhou is now working in collaboration with Makarand Tapaswi, a University of Toronto post doctoral fellow student of computer science along with Sanja Fidler who’s is an assistant professor of University of Toronto Mississauga’s department of mathematical and computational science and the tri- campus graduate department of computer science. They had started there work in recent time, to guide new movies towards automated 4-D cinemas which are featuring a spotlight presentation at the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference which was held in Salt Lake city, Utah.

Zhou said 4-D movies are usually made by the first person’s point of view or camera. If we talk about Will Turner in Pirates of the Caribbean is feeling the wing blowing on his face and along with Turner, moviegoer also wants to feel like Turner then they both have to experience the wind on their faces with equal expression.

“We just want to add a feature while post production of 4-D edge to that just by one switch you can actually feel what character is experiencing” says Zhou. To take a normal movie or 3-D movie to 4-D, researchsrs are using the freelance websites to add those special 4-D effects to their respective movies. “Usually if a moviegoer went for 3-D movie than they are alloted with a  3-D glass and sit on chair” said Zhou. And here we are planning to change the system of wearing glasses and sitting on chair by making everything automated where you don’t have to put any glasses you just need to experience ever ibis of movie by your own.

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