Reset Windows 10 Administrator Password in 3 ways

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Today, we are going to resolve one of the most asked questions in our blog and in the Quora and Y&A! forums, about how to reset Windows 10  administrator password. Now we all remember that cracking Windows XP/Vista password was easy with some tweaks in command prompt.

But with Windows 10 , Microsoft has fixed the issue due to excessive amount of insecurity issues. Now, don’t get disheartened because even if you have lost your computer password, we will show you how to reset it in this guide. We have experimented with many methods and discovered the 3 most amazing Window password recovery tools that can crack Windows 10 administrator password instantly.

#1: With PassFolk SaverWin

PassFolk SaverWin is a free Windows password recovery tool but with premium features. SaverWin is extremely advanced and can reset any Windows version computer password instantly. It not only crack Windows 10  password but it can also reset Windows 7 and Windows 10 passwords as well.

Moreover, we have tested this tool on different brand of laptops like Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo and it has successfully removed password from all the laptops.  The basic principle PassFolk is to delete the logon screen from the computer so that you can enter into your PC without inputting any password at all.

If u have any other issue regarding Microsoft Windows, you can contact there customer care support directly

But you will require a Windows PC or laptop to install the software and a flash drive to write the bootable ISO image file. These two things are easily available and can also be borrowed from family members or friends.

After you got a spare computer, just download SaverWin in the PC and install it normally. Next, plug in the compact disk or at least 1 GB flash drive and make sure to back up the files as SaverWin will delete all the data from the removable device. Now, click the “Burn USB” and wait until the password reset disk is made.

You will get a confirmatory pop up message that says “Burning Successfully!” once done like the following screenshot.

Now, plug in the flash drive in your main password-protected computer then restart it. Go to BIOS settings and change the boot priority so that your computer can boot from USB flash drive.

Reboot your computer and now SaverWin program should automatically load on the main screen. Choose the administrator name from the username list and click on it once. Push “Reset Password” option once and BOOM! Your computer is unlocked!

You may eject the flash drive then turn on your PC normally.

#2: With Password Reset Disk

Wise men say “Prevention is better than cure” and if you are a wise person then definitely you must have a password reset disk to unlock your computer. If you already have one PRD then it’s extremely easy to reset your computer password.

Simply insert the password reset disk on your computer then turn it on. When the logon screen appears click on “Forgot Password” right beneath the enter password field.

Now a setup wizard will open, just keep clicking next and on the last page enter a new password for your computer and save the changes.

You may now restart the computer and use this new modified password to enter into your PC again.

But there’s a very low chance that you may have a password reset disk that’s why the reliability of this method is significantly low.

#3: With NT Password

NT Password is often known as Offline NT Password & Registry Editor – A rather reputed Windows password recovery tool that’s launched way back to help people who want to reset their computer password.

Granted it is an old and complex tool that uses command lines to reset the computer password.

Note: Please remember, if you are a computer expert then only use this program or else wrong commands may damage your computer severely.

To use NT Password, first, you must download the program on a distinct system then with the help of an ISO burner, burn the ISO image file into a CD or pen drive.

Now, plug the removable device in your protected system and reboot the computer with NT password.

Follow through the procedure and keep selecting the correction options. On the final step, you should be given an option that says “Clear/Blank User Password”. Choose that option and your computer password will be erased.

Now eject the flash drive and restart the computer. Enjoy!


We have already recommended countless times to write down your computer password on a piece of white paper so that you can retrieve it whenever you forget it. However, if you still manage to forget your password and lose the paper in which you have written down the password then use the methods shared in this guide. Also, you may consider using password managers to automate the task.


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