Review: LG SH7B soundbar is going to win you over

Review: LG SH7B soundbar is going to win you over 1

Are you one of those who does months and months of research before finalising a good soundbar system for your needs? If you’re, then you’re in luck today. We, at TechiExpert, might have find out something that might interest you in the soundbar department.

Soundbars have become extremely popular among the masses, mainly because they occupy very little space, are extremely easy to set up and offer better sound quality than our television sets.

The latest soundbar on the block, LG SH7B comes along with a subwoofer in the box. The soundbar measures a petite 41.73×2.09×3.35 inches (LxWxH), while the sub is 6.73×12.6×9.92 inches.

Since the subwoofer is wireless, one is just required to directly plug in its power cable and it’ll then automatically sync with the soundbar without much labour or sweat. The behind of the soundbar houses connections for optical, auxiliary, ethernet and HDMI in and out. Once the LG SH7B is set up with one’s home network, they can do stuff like using Google Cast for streaming music over WiFi, offering a better performance over the Bluetooth connection.

As far as sound quality is concerned, the LG SH7B soundbar fares averagely. Though the music sounds crisp, the missing top-end resolution of the speakers does end up dishing out muddy bass sometimes.

Even though the soundbar is average in the audio quality department, LG makes up for it by providing users with a built in Google Cast that results in making the SH7B soundbar a versatile home theatre product for ones all movie and music needs.

In order to make things easier for the users, the LG SH7B soundbar also comes with a sleek remote control, but the only problem is that the bass sounds a little uncontrolled for some movies or music. Also, as compared to the iOS mobile app, LG’s MusicFlow Android app version is quite buggy. Hoping LG will take care of this minor glitch soon.


Written by Kirti Sharma

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