Review on Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Review on google data analytics certificate program

Google previously announced that it would launch a program where users could earn a certificate in three to six months without a college diploma. According to Google, the certificate is the equivalent of a four-year college degree. Before taking on any course, consider features such as self-paced, low cost, and high value. A Google professional certificate gives you access to all these features. The eagerly anticipated certificate program has finally arrived, with Google launching the Data Analytics Professional Certificate and other programs related to Project Management and User Experience Design in March 2021. Want to know the review on this professional certificate? Jump ahead to read!

What is Data Analytics? 

You can make informed decisions based on gathered, transformed, and organized data using data analytics. Shortly, it will assist people in making informed decisions. The data can be extracted, visualized, or even modelled. As an analyst, you have to master the tools needed to handle the day-to-day tasks of this job. 

Tools from the course

As a data analyst, you’ll need a variety of tools daily. Thus, it is an extremely practical course. The tools include

  1. Excel or Google Sheets are essential (absolutely indispensable!)
  2. SQL (for extraction of data)
  3. Data visualization with Tableau (for information visualization)
  4. R, R Markdown, RStudio, and the Tidyverse (for programming and data manipulation)

Skills you’ll learn

Learn the fundamentals of data science

A review of the data eco-system is provided, including practices and processes of junior data analysts in their daily work, the skills expected of them, and concepts relevant to the role (such as the data life cycle).

Data-driven decisions require asking the right questions!

Data science isn’t easy because the right questions are hard to come by. Participants in this class are taught effective techniques for conducting stakeholder analysis using questions.

Getting ready for exploration of data

It can take many forms, shapes, and types to represent data. To be an analyst, you must understand the methods that are used to handle a variety of data types and formats. It includes the methods for getting data from a database, extracting it, filtering it, and sorting it.

Transforming dirty data into clean data

As a data analyst, you clean data daily. You will learn SQL techniques for performing data cleaning and checking the results.

How to Analyze Data for Answers

By studying data in this section, you will be able to interpret and explore it. Therefore, it is necessary to organize, format, and calculate data. For this purpose, the class uses spreadsheets and SQL.

The Art of Visualizing Data

Science and analytics, though difficult, are primarily driven by storytelling. By telling compelling stories with data visualizations, data practitioners can communicate insights to stakeholders. Tableau is used as the platform for data visualization in this course.

R Programming: Analyzing Data

A certain level of programming proficiency is required to speed up data analytics, especially in complex projects. Open-source R is one of the most popular languages among data professionals. There are many tidy verse packages that are extremely useful to manipulate data (dplyr, purr, tidyr) and visualize data (ggplot2). Python might be a better option for some of you. Getting started with either one is fine since both are useful.

A capstone project must be completed

Data science or analytics interviews require a capstone project. Throughout this last module, you will gain an understanding of common analytics interview questions, as well as the opportunity to build your portfolio.

For whom is this course suitable?

You do not need any previous experience or prerequisites

Are you tired of reading prerequisites for what seems like a basic class for months before you can start it? Students taking this analytics course do not need any prior experience, so it is best suited to those who are fresh out of college.

Want to catch the attention of employers?

If you complete the Google Data Analytics Certificate, it provides you with a better chance of getting in with one of the top employers in the Google employer network (only available to US citizens). This consortium benefits from Google’s talent pipeline, which consists of nontraditional talent. The talent here refers to the users of Google’s courses. 

Looking for a comprehensive learning analytics package?

Learning analytics can be challenging because of the need to search the internet for relevant resources. The Google Analytics All-in-One Course solves this problem. The class provides a comprehensive understanding of analytical skills.

You should have 10 hours of spare time per week for this class. 

Students who are seeking to complete the program in less than six months will have an opportunity to attend this class with only a 10-hour commitment per week.

We believe the Google Analytics Certificate makes self-learning data analytics and data science much easier by providing high-quality resources at your fingertips. Our best wishes to you for your class, and enjoy it!

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