Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 1

The process to manually migrate from one email client to another seems tedious and time-consuming. If you’re looking to migrate mailbox data from an MBOX-based email to Outlook, there are various MBOX to PST converter tools available in the market to ease you with the process. One such reliable and efficient MBOX to PST converter tool is Stellar Converter for MBOX. It helps you to migrate from MBOX email clients, like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Mutt, Gnu Mail, Netscape, Cone, Mozilla Mail, Entourage, Spicebird, Pocomail, Evolution, Claws Mail, Opera Mail, Sylpheed, Eudora, Mulberry, SeaMonkey, Outlook.

This software is a great tool to convert MBOX file into Outlook importable PST format. It saves time and provides many features for better functionality. Based on our hands-on experience, we bring a detailed review of the software.


The installation of the software is easy and requires only a few steps to finish. You just need to download the software from official website and follow the setup wizard to install the software.

To install and run the Stellar MBOX converter, your system must meet the following requirements:

Processor: Pentium Class (1 GHz or faster) 

Operating System: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 

Microsoft Office: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 

Memory: Minimum 2 GB (Recommended 4 GB) 

Hard Disk: 250 MB of Free Space

User Interface and Conversion Process

The first look of the software seems rather plain and to the point, with the menu bar visible and accessible from the start, without any redundant UI.

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 2

The interface is user-friendly and allows the user to navigate easily through the software.

The tool provides easy conversion of the files as accessing different features within the software is simple and straightforward. A few simple steps – that’s all it takes for you to convert MBOX files into PST. When you open the software, you get a prompt to convert the MBOX file.

To start the conversion, you have to select the email client from the “Select Mail Client” tab. There are a total of 17 MBOX email clients to choose from

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 3

After this, you need to select the MBOX files by clicking on the “Select File” button.You can also search for the files by clicking on the “Find Files” tab. We found this feature handy, as this will find all the MBOX files stored in a drive on the system and save you the hassle of searching for files.

The selected file is then scanned by the tool. This is quite fast as we expected it to take some more time.

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 4

Tip: If the process takes longer, you can work on other activities as the conversion occurs in the background.

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 5

·  Saving the file:  After the files are converted, click on the “Save Converted File” tab to save the files. Saving the file was easy. There are multiple saving options

*   Note: To save the converted files to PST, you need a Microsoft Outlook account.

 ·          Filters: The “apply filters” feature was a game-changer, as it allowed us to filter out the unnecessary items from the mailbox.

Our thoughts: Stellar Converter for MBOX converted almost every component of the selected files into PST file. A good part of the conversion was that the tool keeps the folder hierarchy intact. You can quickly validate the files and then save them as new or already existing PST file.

Selective Conversion 

The advanced filters available in the software enable to perform selective conversions. The “Apply Filter” option helps us in searching for specific emails and converts only those emails.

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 6

The filters feature helps to remove the redundant files from the folders before saving them.

Multiple File Saving Options

The software allows you to save the converted file as a new PST or to an existing PST file.

The new PST file can be saved anywhere on the system and imported into MS Outlook when needed. It also includes multiple file formats to save the converted file.

It also allows saving of selected emails in EML and MSG format. The Technician version of the software offers additional file saving options, such as Office 365, RTF, PDF, and HTML.

The software allows conversion of a single mailbox, selective emails from a single mailbox, or multiple mailboxes.

Our thoughts: The multiple saving options allow the user to save the file in the desired format and location, providing flexibility.

Preview before Saving

The software displays a list of all the converted mail items in the left pane after the scanning is complete. By selecting any mail item, you can preview its content in the right pane. It also allows users to open attachments with the preview.

This helps you to make changes in the final file before saving it.

Our thoughts: Previewing the converted files helps finding mistakes and correcting them before saving the file.

Log Report

The log report summarizes all the activities that happen during the conversion process. The report also has information, like the time taken for the conversion process.

Our thoughts: This feature helped us to analyze and validate the converted data very effectively.


The software is free to download from the official website. The free version of this software lets you convert, scan, and preview MBOX file data However, if you want to save the converted data, you have to activate the software.

You have two purchase options, Corporate, and Technician. You can get the activation key by using the ACTIVATION tab present in the menu bar. You can click on the “GET IT NOW” tab to purchase the software. This will redirect you to their official webpage.

Review: Stellar Converter for MBOX 7

Our thoughts: The 30-day return policy made us feel secure about the purchase.

Final Thoughts

Stellar Converter for MBOX converts MBOX files into PST format without any troubles, unlike the tedious process of converting them manually. You can convert files in minutes and with utmost accuracy while saving both time and energy.

This software has exclusive features that make it more convenient and elite. We recommend it to users who are looking to convert MBOX files into PST format.

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