Revolutionary change in location based services – GeoSpark

Revolutionary change in location based services - GeoSpark 1

Have you ever tried the famous Google’s payment app ‘Tez’? I’m sure you did, then you must have encountered that it calls you to activate ‘location’ whenever you try to make a payment through it. Isn’t that abnormal? No, it’s absolutely not. Tez does this in order to improve the security and to reduce the chances of feudal transaction. Well, it’s not the only case when location services are used to improve the user experience and quality of the service.

Nowadays location has become a core fundamental feature for almost every apps whether it’s social networking sites like Facebook, and Whatsapp or payment apps like PayPal, Tez, Paytm etc. It’s primarily used for navigation. We just can’t imagine apps like Google Maps without the location feature. I mean they totally dependent on this service for their proper working.

Problem with using ‘location’ in the first place:

Now we know that location is much-needed service for our phones and other navigation devices. But there are some issues involved with this

  • You must have encountered that whenever you use Google Maps for Navigation, your battery drains much faster than before. This is the fact. Location requires lots of power consumption to work. That’s the reason why people don’t use mobile maps in the first place.
  • It’s very obvious that when you are consuming more power, your device gets heated. It becomes a nightmare when you are using location to navigate through your phone in the daytime of summer season.
  • Although the location is a wonderful feature it’s not 100% accurate all the time. Its accuracy is only limited to a large range of places it’s not too perfect in the places with a small range.

Revolutionary change in location based services - GeoSpark 2

Technology has improved a lot and it’s improving every day. Some developers and companies are making such kind of location-based apps which is more optimized and more power efficient. GeoSpark is one of them,It is the fastest growing developer platforms working on an energy efficient location tracking technology. Which consume 90% less battery for iOS and Android. It was launched in February 2018, GeoSpark is an AI-driven location tracking technology. Currently, the developer platform hosts more than 450 Apps serving over 1.2 Million users. Here are the highlights of GeoSpark

  • GeoSpark doesn’t depend just on one feature. It uses a combination of location sensors like GPS, Assisted GPS and Network to gather location information.
  • It can even tell the mode of transportation of the user like walking, running, cycling, car, bus, train, boat, and flight with the help of a motion sensor.
  • GeoSpark stores and analyzes historical location data for each user. It learns from each user’s activities (only after the user’s consent) which help to improve its performance.
  • GeoSpark generates events when a user enters or exits frequently visited places and predicts how often he visits and his next visit and approximately how long he would spend in a location.
  • With cross-platform support unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, and stop detection it’s more powerful than Android and iOS native geofencing. That’s why it’s able to generate real-time changes.
  • It’s Artificial intelligence and Machine learning features are great in services like Car Location Detection, Frequent places detection, Geo-Grouping, User Behavior prediction and Crowd sourced Parking network.
  • It has developed a high-end technology. Which is helpful in preserving battery when using location-based services. It smartly combing satellite information with the sensors of your mobile device, resulting in more efficiency and less power consumption.
  • Since, it doesn’t consume more power, resulting in less heating issues and battery drainage.

GeoSpark is a revolutionary step in the sector of Location, Tracking, and Navigation. It is supported by Airbridge Equity Partners, an Amsterdam based technology venture capital firm. Unlike other companies, GeoSpark has simply reinvented the way location-based services can work in a much more efficient way.

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