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Right skills at Right age LearnClue

Hyd-based startup LearnClue develops world’s first Interactive digital abacus learning app

  • — Integrates Vedic Maths, Expressive English and Xperteach modules
  • — Plans to raise Rs 4.5 crore from angel investors to fuel growth plans
  • — Aims at Rs 23-crore revenues this year

LearnClue, a Hyderabad-based education aggregator startup for students, parents, teachers and schools, has announced the launch of its digital Abacus learning mobile app. Touted as the world’s first Interactive Abacus in the digital form, it enables students to practice Abacus within the app, besides through live and recorded sessions from experts.

“Though originated in ancient Greece, Abacus has gained immense popularity the world over and has become a mandatory child programme in countries like China, Japan and Russia. Also known as a 360-degree brain development programme, Abacus is now a co-curricular activity in more than 120 countries. Our idea is to bring this ancient computing device much closer to children by giving it a digital form and help them learn Abacus in a hands-on way,” said Mr Prasad P, a product design specialist and Co-Founder of LearnClue.   

Founded in July 2020 by Prasad and Satish Babu, LearnClue has also integrated several other modules into its app, which include well-proven ancient method mathematical computing ‘Vedic Maths’, originates straight from the Vedas. Program aims at developing Speed Calculation with Accuracy, Challenging Ability, observation and even eradicates math phobia.

‘Expressive English’ that develops the ability to communicating & collaboratively move forward by emphasizing on gestures, Public speaking, style, voice modulation through audio-visual, activity and worksheets

“Xperteach”, training the students to be globally-active, digitally transforming, creatively progress, connecting academics and quick in adopting changes with tailor made 21st century skill programs through Learning Management System .

“LearnClue’s digital Abacus functions exactly the same way as the physical instrument. It guides the students’ bead movement real-time, while simultaneously validating their computation techniques, thereby unleashing their cognitive and lateral thinking, and mathematical capabilities. It also offers live and recorded sessions from experts,” said Co-Founder Satish Babu.

Targeted at children between 4 and 14 years, LearnClue’s integrated app has seen more than 12,000 downloads in its beta stage itself, and is now witnessing 100% growth in downloads month-on-month, Prasad said. 

“The ongoing pandemic has served as a catalyst for the digitalisation of education systems throughout the world. We have adopted cutting-edge technologies to digitise content etc. We design our products with our core values of developing higher-order thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. These skills are essential for students at different stages of their life,” he said.

“The company is in various stages of discussion with a couple of angel investors to raise Rs 4.5 crore in early-stage funding. We expect to close the fund-raising exercise in two to three months from now. We plan to deploy the proceeds to adopt cutting-edge technologies, develop LearnClue’s iOS version, expand our footprint to pan-India and launch new innovative products in the e-learning space such as Academic Support, ParentClue and SchoolClue,” said P Hari Charan, CEO of LearnClue.

According to Prasad, the Indian edtech market, which is currently pegged at $700 million, is projected to reach $10 billion by 2025, primarily riding high on the massive adoption of online education.  

“LearnClue operates in the B2C (business-to-consumer) segment. We intend to leverage the parent company, Viswam’s huge client base of over 10,000 schools (comprising more than 2 million students) spread across nine States in the country and the US and Canada to generate quick revenues. LearnClue is aiming at garnering revenues of Rs 23 crore this year and Rs 82 crore in 2022,” Prasad said.

About LearnClue and Viswam Edutech:

LearnCLue is an education aggregator startup established by the directors of Hyderabad-based education management company, Viswam Edutech Solutions Private Limited. Viswam was started in 2007 and operates under the ‘School Labs’ brand. The ISO-certified company is associated with over 10,000 schools comprising more than 2 million students going through its various programmes across 9 States in the country and in the US and Canada. LearnCLue’s prime focus is B2C (business-to-consumer) segment. It will leverage Viswam’s strong clientele base and in-house research and development (R&D) capabilities etc.

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