Risks of using Internet of Things: will the future be affected?

By Srikanth
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Internet of things Effects

IoT is life changing. Everybody agrees to it. But till what extent?  IoT can take development to a whole new level. It is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are accessible through the internet. The IoT could be a person with a heart monitor or an automobile with built-in-sensors, i.e. objects that have been assigned an IP address and could collect and transfer data over a network without manual assistance or intervention.  IoT can be used for all industrial and consumer needs.


But there are limitations to everything. And when it comes to development through software, we always lag. Here are the top risks of IoT that we need to consider before bringing the revolution of the internet of things.

PRIVACY: The privacy issues also leads to the question of who will control the Internet of Things. If there is only one company, that could potentially lead to a monopoly hurting consumers and other companies. By entering just a part of the network would reveal everything regarding an individual or organization or both️. All the data must be encrypted so that data about your financial status is secured. But this might create complexity in a company’s profile. So, Privacy is the biggest concern that will have to be rethought in order to start an IoT village.

SAFETY: safety Is another major issue that occupies the list. The data can be hacked, and the information can be looted by hackers. There are many possible ways for the information to be leaked. safety is ultimately in the hands of the consumer to verify any and all automation. It would be very disastrous if private and confidential information is accessed by strangers illegally. Hacked data is usually tough to manipulate and will give access to a lot more than just data. Safety concerns a lot of huge and successful companies that are on the list of most secret holders.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES:  the job opportunities will gradually decline as everything will be automated and does not include manual labor or skilled professionals. This may create an employment issue in society. The job opportunities in India in tier 2 and 3 cities is already very low. IoT might as well suggest jobs for educated part of the society, ie., it will give jobs to the software and other higher class degree owners. But many of who work with no degrees for a means of living will be largely affected due to IoT developed ecosystems.

COMPLEXITY: As time has progressed, our current generation has grown up with the ready availability of the internet and technology in general.  However, relying on technology on a day to day basis, making decisions by the information that it gives up could lead to devastation.  No system is robust and fault-free. Rapid changes in technology mean that companies run the risk of any new technology system becoming obsolete even as it is being installed. It must be connected to the blue tooth or USB. It has several software glitches which and only be corrected by professional. This is one of the major challenges faced by consumers.

Network layer: The network layer is not specific for the IoT environment, it is the backbone of every information and communication environment. Therefore, vulnerabilities and threats present in this layer are present in other environments which resulting in frequently researched protection methods. The network layer of the IoT concept consists of the access sublayer and the Internet sublayer.

Health issues: IoT has been shown to have significant potential in high-risk Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) industries. In these industries, human lives are at stake and IoT-based applications are primed to offer safe, reliable, and efficient solutions due to their ability to operate at a fine granular level and provide rich low-level information. If an IoT device does not operate as planned, technology companies could be liable for resulting injuries, or even the death, of a user or patient. Companies who produce IoT technology should understand their exposure to bodily injury risk due to defective design, a manufacturing defect, product misuse or a failure to warn consumers about a potential danger related to the use of the product.

However, with the emerging in technology, the risks and challenges can hopefully be reduced and can be prevented with proper utility and prevention.

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