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Robot duck will prevent weed from growing in fields

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Ancient Japanese farmers often grew ducks in their farms. As strange as this story sounds, this bird was the farmer’s best friend as it ate away all the insects and plucked out all the weed from paddy. Its manure is also fertile for the sand. The concept of duck came with no harm, as they quietly paddled through the farms, creating no harm.

However, like most of the world’s existence, these birds were also replaced by the pesticides and insecticides that the farmers chose over them for better production. Farmers sprayed these medicines over the crops to keep the insects and weed away from growing.

The side effects of these chemicals, of course, led to a drastic reduction of the production of paddy in Japan, which rose great enlightenment in people, which also included this Nissan Scientist that created a robot duck based on Artificial Intelligence to fill in a duck’s shoes in the farms in Asia.

Naming after its traditional usage name, this Aigamo robot is the name of a traditional duck that was used in the field earlier, this robot weighs about 1.5-kilograms. This robot duck is about the size of a vacuum cleaner and has two rotation rubber brushes attached to it, which, when paddling in the field will detect and remove the weed from the root and will oxygenate the soil.

Though this project is still yet to be commercialized and sold, reports and videos suggest that the robots will work on wifi and batteries, solar powers. They will use GPS to navigate the fields. The protocol tests are still being run in the northeastern Japan, and after they are found to be extremely useful, the robots will soon come in hand of the farmers. Researchers also suggest that this would be a way to bring up the rice production in the Anime country.

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