Role of Artificial Intelligence on emotion’s

Role of Artificial Intelligence on emotion's2

Artificial intelligence may well need to rethink its artificiality, because a new kind of intelligence is going to emerge where there shall be emotional bonding, a relation akin to human-to-human interaction will emerge. This is surely a blow to the very ideal of separation between human and machine because now, machines can even think and react better than humans. This is surely exciting and scary because the implications of it can be far-reaching to say the least.

AI technology has taken a drastic step ahead with this new technology as this new intelligence enhances the ability of AI to understand the emotional input and hence, interaction becomes much easier. Moreover, such AIs will start responding to the scenario in a human-like manner that produces real-time results. Since the interaction between human and AI will be important in the future, such a development only ensures better service from AIs.Role of Artificial Intelligence on emotion's

The current AI standard

Of course, to measure how revolutionary a technology is, you need to measure it against the current condition of AI usage and its spread. As much as 52 percent users have been using AI through various live chats and apps on a monthly statistics. In fact, as many as 62 percent among them have opined in favor of continuing with AI as a measure of interaction. AI is only going to grow immensely with consumers pouring in to use it and emotional intelligence my well be at the heart of it.

In fact, the possession of such intelligence will elevate the product to a different level altogether and such products will only become more in number. So much so, you may well have less interaction with a human than a chat-bot by the next decade. This surreal prediction is not far from truth since the growth can only increase in rate and such a future awaits each one of us. AI, in short, will become a constant companion for people.

Understanding humane things

However, giving humane inputs is never easy because you need to understand the depth of emotions to sense what a man is feeling. Hence, comedians, scriptwriters are joining the giants so that the nitty-gritties of human emotion can be comprehended and then reorganized in the sensibility of the AI. Companies, however, need to be careful while employing this technology because with emotions, comes the issue of trust and dependence.

Since the customers are only speaking to a machine, an amount of emotional investment can be dangerous to say the least. To not cross the lines is the general advice and hence, more and more experimentation would be required. Hence, customers should wait before this takes a complete shape in terms of technological usability. In fact, transparency becomes a vital issue and hence, one must know where to draw the line in terms of medial interactions. Else, you may end up in the eye of a storm where your technology is vehemently attacked.

The problems ahead

First of all, a machine possessing human abilities both physical and mental is surely a worrisome thought for many reasons. Not only is it straight out of some dystopia of science fiction, but also problematic for real world reasons. The fiasco that was Microsoft’s AI very recently have made people start worrying whether AI can at all function with human emotion. The bot from Microsoft ended up in a disaster since the bot spewed all sorts of racist venoms that would remind anyone of Hitler.

This AI was built with the help of others only where both public data and human input came together to create the humane aspect of the bot. However, the disaster is surely a warning since the internet is full of things and choice, one of the major human aspects was missing from the bot which resulted in the disaster.

The AI debate in this context

There has been much hullabaloo regarding the sudden increase in automation and human jobs being eaten up by machines regularly. However, this aspect is surely going to take AI debate in another direction as to whether AI should be stopped immediately or they will be taking over the world. There are values like empathy, contextual understanding which are unique to human beings and it may take years before it is integrated into the AI systems.

Hence, if there comes a company which can integrate real human values in the AI which can actually decide on the choice of action and objects, only then AI can truly replace humans. Hence, for now, a judicious use of AI would be the best solution as of now. A great customer experience can be guaranteed if companies know what to do with AI and what not to. This is new, unknown territories which is full of potholes for the researchers. It is best to be careful before going too fast.


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