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Machine learning is a revolution in video editing. This up-to-date technology uses deep neural networks enabling automatic editing. Take advantage of machine learning to edit video without special skills and effort. The technique will provide thorough footage analysis and apply appropriate effects and transitions. There is no more need to spend a lot of time on routine tasks like color correction and cutting since ML algorithms will do it for you. Once you have basic skills on how to use video editing software, you won’t have any difficulties mastering this technology. 

If you want to save your time, energy, cost and benefit from more advanced features, use machine learning to edit video. This technology will help avoid challenges and facilitate the process. In this article, you will explore why machine learning is at its height now and help you choose the best video editor on the market.

What Is Machine Learning 

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that allows software, applications, and programs to operate automatically using data and experience. It primarily relies on computer algorithms that help machines learn without human aid. 

Machine learning is important for technology and science today. It is widely used for image, speech recognition, data analysis, information prediction, extraction, etc. The ML techniques have many applications, for example, internet search engines, medical, banking, and security applications, websites, email filters, and video editing. 

How Machine Learning Works

Machine learning markets it extremely easy to create videos. Make sure the video editor you use maintains AI technologies, a part of which is machine learning. All you need to do is upload the material to the editing software. Then the tool will automatically select the most appropriate video elements based on learning algorithms. It can easily recognize people and important visual elements arranging the frames in the best possible way. The process is fully automated, meaning that there’s no need for interventions and manual content reviewing for hours. Thus, with machine learning, any video editor can benefit from customized, cost-effective services. 

Why Deep Learning Is Important for Video Editing

The deep learning technique is an integral part of machine learning. It should be noted that it includes artificial neural networks. Deep learning is a base of machine learning advances, taking responsibility for the editing process. In addition to autonomous decision-making, deep learning also possesses generative adversarial networks. Deep learning algorithms allow a video editor to enhance videos easily and benefit from the intelligent application of a wide range of special effects.

Benefits of Machine Learning in Video Editing

Machine learning provides tremendous results and fast editing for a linear or non-linear editing system. Most processes are automated, which ensures an efficient work process. There are a lot of advantages of video editing with machine learning, and we will highlight the main ones.

Editing Efficiency 

One of the main pros of machine learning is high editing process effectiveness. Many routine and post-production tasks like cutting, color correction, which users mostly perform manually, become automated. It results in manageable and efficient video production. You do not have to spend much time learning video editing to achieve an effective process, as machine learning knows how to do it for you. 

Better Visual Experience

We know that even the best editors can make mistakes and leave out some significant things. With machine learning, you can rely on algorithms using neural networks as they perfectly identify footage parts that need editing. It will suggest changes you might have not paid attention to. You can benefit from a great video with perfectly applied filters and transitions. Unnecessary objects will be removed, the subject of the video will always be in the frame, and the overall quality of videos will be enhanced, making them more stable. 


Once you choose video editing with machine learning, you should not worry about high costs. Now you can save money to develop your project extensively as there’s no need to hire an editor. The software can do most of the work automatically by learning from your video and adjusting to what it sees. Besides, machine learning reduces costs by providing 3D objects created within the software.

Machine Learning Challenges 

Using machine learning for video editing has some drawbacks as this technology is rather new, and sometimes editors fail to use it properly. The main issue arises when people have very high expectations, but nothing can be compared to human artistic abilities. Then it should be considered that you need to create a special algorithm for machines to learn from. Machine learning will not cope with all editing tasks, and sometimes you need to control the process as object detection may not work well, and human language is hard to distinguish. Generally, you can overcome all difficulties if you train a bit and create proper algorithms. 

Machine Learning Software for Video Editing

There are several examples of video editing tools powered by machine learning. Here you can find their short descriptions and work principles. There is no necessity to undergo extensive learning to edit video as programs are user-friendly.


This video editor provides lots of solutions for perfect editing. It has autoprocessing and footage optimization. Kamua selects scenes from your raw footage automatically and turns them into the finished video. Besides, it also does an auto crop which essentially tracks the main focus of a video. Now you do not have to keep people in frame manually as this technology has a face recognition option. You see that learning video editing is not complicated with modern technologies. 


This smart video editing software provides quality output. It ensures fast, effective, and easy video editing with machine learning. All you have to do is upload footage, give it a theme, and select music to go along with it. So we can benefit from an automated editing process and incredible results. Save your time on learning to edit video with advanced features provided for free. 


You can create a video not only from footage but uploading a blog article with Lumen5. It uses natural language processing to figure out the important text elements and keywords. There is a stock library with millions of photos and videos that machine learning associates with text and combines everything into a video. AI technology allows you to do voice cloning with an overdub feature. You just need to read a prompt of text that is used to clone your voice and add it to the video. 


Now you can see that video editing with machine learning is fast and effective. You should not spend much time learning video editing as it’ll do routine and complicated tasks automatically. There’s no need to manually review tons of clips, choose appropriate shots, and add them to the video. ML technology advances found their place in our everyday life, so it’s time to benefit from this new tool. Do not hesitate to create a wonderful output in mere seconds and share it with the world. 

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