Role of Artificial Intelligence to connect with Customers

Role of Artificial Intelligence to connect with Customers

Artificial intelligence is not much artificial anymore and what’s more, it is being used for real for real purposes and affecting real lives. Of course, it has many manifestations and all of them combine to contribute to this domain of technology. Coupled with this development, one can track another trend in consumption where online processes are dominating and there are such mediation even with offline transactions.

Social media, mobile devices have become points of marketing strategy implementation as people are more glued to their mobile screens than they are on the television sets. AI will only provide a more effective and streamlined method of such marketing so that marketing efficiency is constantly evaluated and bettered. Moreover, companies will now become part of the daily existence of consumers such that they will try to respond to each and every need of individuals.

Message is the key

Of late, interpersonal communication has been turned upside down by the mushrooming of messaging services across the globe. Almost everyone uses one of these apps or the other and communicates with the rest. Hence, Messenger on Facebook, Snapchat are some of the most coveted platforms where people share pictures, documents, thoughts and many more. Companies see them to be the new window for exploration and hence, now robots can chat and find your necessary objects.

Role of Artificial Intelligence to connect wtih Customers

So much so, people often don’t realize that a single platform is letting them exchange across all sorts of medium. However, companies are quick to capitalize on that by using all sorts of textual and image analysis and providing you suggestions based on that. So, next time you see a company sending you an offer about the car you just saw on the web.

No personnel, just chatbots

Chatbots are simply an expression for chatting robots that you can find in abundance across any enterprise that employs them for basic business purposes. However, the important thing to note is this: they are no longer limited to basic necessities. While they were initially limited to simple customer service responses and conversations, from now on, they are going to spread across the world to ensure you don’t leave your app.

So, you have to order something, call someone or even book a cab. All you need to do is to ping chatbots and tell them to do this or that. The rest shall be taken care of and you can continue your conversation on messenger with others. However, such chatbots are not entirely artificial since there’s a continuous human presence behind these chatbots who rectify the elements lost in translation to these AI driven bots and in this process, train them for better service.

Assisting you always

While the bots need a platform to chat, some companies have come up with their own digital assistants who can ensure that you can multitask at will and your voice is command enough for performing tasks. From Siri to Alexa to Google Assistant, the range of such assistants is increasing and their numbers too. Speaking to a human voice on computer who can do things for you- this is truly science fiction coming alive.

However, as AI is improving, they are no longer limited to such simple services. They are tracking your movement and location to provide specific updates from traffic to availability of transport and restaurant. In short, you can literally use your digital assistant as your tour guide if you want to.

A future for everyone

Individualism is the key to the age’s essence and such gadgets are only reasserting the fact that the future is going to provide everyone with immense comfort, control and power over their choices. AI will ensure you get the right things, you do the right jobs in right time and you come across the right sites on the go. It is going to become smoother, less prone to error and more importantly, faster as the technology progresses.

With increase in population, human efforts to tackle a huge number of people will not be enough. Hence, AI’s proliferation is but a matter of time. However, it is important to note that AI is still at its formative stage and not everything can go perfect. So, cautious steps should be the order of the day.

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