Role of CPaaS in enabling Omnichannel communication strategies

By Srikanth
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Role of CPaaS in enabling Omnichannel communication strategies 1

With the change in customer behaviour where they expect to connect with brands across channels, Communication Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) has enabled brands to develop omnichannel communication strategies. For the longest time, SMS and then email have remained a popular mode for brands to communicate with customers.

With new channels, advanced technologies, and the need for conversational everything, companies now offer two-way communication to customers on their preferred channels. For instance, a conversational marketing campaign launched across countries would require a multi-channel mix, including SMS, MMS, RCS, Email, WhatsApp, Viber, etc., because reaching customers on their channel of choice makes the omnichannel communication strategy effective.

The latest CPaaS trends are largely driven by Artificial Intelligence technology and the onset of generative AI, offering widescale personalization. We have seen the rise of chatbot integration across a myriad of platforms from web, mobile apps to digital channels, helping brands to be available for their customers 24/7.

One such success story of a renowned Indian brand leveraging chatbots is Mahindra Auto. Given WhatsApp’s regional popularity, Mahindra Auto adopted it as a communication channel for dealers, integrating WhatsApp Business Platform in just 24 hours. Automating further, the WhatsApp account was linked to their existing chatbot, empowering dealers with a quick self-service option using keywords and enabling instant generation of relevant PDFs and specific information.

The CPaaS market is experiencing significant growth as businesses embracing cloud communication and new channels to enhance customer experience. CPaaS provides a universal approach to communication services, empowering businesses. However, platform and B2B companies require a more unified and cost-effective appraoch for channel integration.

This demand has led to the emergence of CpaaS X, the next generation of CPaaS. CPaaS X is a set of modular APIs designed to enable B2B businesses and platform companies to create tailor-made and cost-effective solutions.

It helps them in onboarding and managing a high number of clients, expanding to new markets, and also includes channel flexibility without an increase in deployment and management overheads, automation for immediate and tangible benefits, scalability to scale communication up and down during the year and optimized costs by reducing waste and minimizing management and reporting effort.

Contributed by Shankar Iyer, Director Business Development, Asia, Infobip.

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