Sahara Evols comes up with Sahara Electric Vehicles

Sahara Evols comes up with Sahara Electric Vehicles 1

Sahara India Pariwar is in talks to enter the world of automobile sector with EV brand called as the Sahara Evols. This startup plans to offer motorcycles, electric scooters 3-Wheelers or even the cargo vehicles as EVs. Also, as the company mentions, the electric motors and drive trains that are utilised in the products of the brand, have been further enhanced and grown in Germany.

The vehicles are thus, marked to be powered by lightweight and even portable lithium-ion batteries that have the capacity of fast-charging mode. Not to mention, the vehicles take a charge of up to 40% in just 1 hour that is sensed to be capable enough to stretch a distance of 55 to 150 km with varying type and category of the vehicle, on a single go.

Also, the electric vehicles are carried away with features such as the GPS tracking system holding on with the Sahara Evols mobile app. Furthermore, the app is designed to follow the steps of the vehicles or request any assistance along the road-sides or even produce the analysis of the performance of the vehicle and locking it.

The vehicle also bears the distress or anti-theft alarm with it for the safety and security of the people and its owners. Furthermore, the company states to range it with the average expenses to go around 20 paise per km as compared to a petrol vehicle that runs for Rs. 2 per km.

Sahara Evols while initiating from Lucknow, would permit itself to stretch out more towards the Tier II and Tier III cities across India as by the closing of the financial year in a consecutive follow through.

Currently, the startup has given up with 101 vehicles and is concentrating more with the 57 service centres across the Lucknow city. This company is thus, planning to get through with the EVs hastily by the end of the financial year and set up the network of battery charging cum shaping stations for the ease of the buyers and efficient working startup.

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