Salesforce Apps Add Functionality to Cloud Computing

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform can help your business grow into a more streamlined, effective and efficient organization across sales, service, marketing and more.

Cutting edge CRM and sales force automation

Sales Cloud is the CRM and sales force automation suite that speeds and streamlines all phases of sales from lead management through to clinching the deal.Salesforce Apps Add Functionality to Cloud Computing

Why choose Sales Cloud?

  • With Sales Cloud you can connect with your customers instantly and efficiently.
  • Close more deals.
  • Get better leads.
  • Nurture prospects more effectively.
  • Collaborate across teams.
  • Work from any connected device – desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Salesforce Apps for Contracts and HR

“Conga Composer is one of the most popular and most downloaded apps on Salesforce AppExchange,” says Sienna Quirk, product marketing director, Conga. “Built on the Salesforce platform, Composer helps users optimize their Salesforce investment by removing roadblocks associated with document creation.

For Salesforce apps that can make or break the job in HR, some industry insiders recommend Sage People, which transforms productivity among HR departments across the world. According to these experts, Sage People Salesforce apps enable increased engagement, performance and retention, while making it easier for companies to acquire talent.

Salesforce Apps for Professional Services, Financial Management

From a pipeline efficiency standpoint, professional services can be major beneficiaries of Salesforce apps. For example, according to its Salesforce AppExchange listing, Kimble is the most feature-rich professional services automation solution on the platform. It goes on to state that its proven end-to-end management solution reduces complexity across the business allowing Kimble clients to grow 25 percent faster than competitors.


It also claims users can benefit from performance metric accuracy that Kimble apps provide, including for utilization, effective rates, sales pipeline and revenue forecasting. According to Kimble, users find increased profitability, less time spent manually forecasting or sifting through leads and that processes allow for minimal monthly variability. As proof, Kimble says a current customer reduced monthly close dates from five days to one day due to Kimble software.

Salesforce Apps to Protect Data Quality

We all know that a CRM system like Salesforce is only as good as its data. The various customer      records that result from sales, leads, touches and so on need to be correctly correlated with the customer account information or it is useless. One of the largest hazards to this data quality comes from the possibility that duplicate accounts and account contacts may be created. Salesforce apps that can successfully execute data deduplication, or dedupe data, will go a long way toward protecting data quality.


Emulate Deal Data in Salesforce Apps for Future Success

Every successful sales organization holds up its biggest deals that have been closed and challenges its salespeople to emulate them. Scientifically speaking, the art of the sale is just that—more art than science—Salesforce apps makers have made progress pushing the envelope. Salesforce apps have been developed that capture every step of the sales cycle—from critical success factors that won deals to meeting and email tracking—and dynamically add them to the system. Some of these are the most highly trafficked plugins on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Another Salesforce apps maker, Confirmed, a one-click instant scheduler, thinks the solution to getting more sales appointments made and verified is to reduce the friction of the process. For example, if the customer is offered a range of times that fit her calendar and can choose one with a single mouse gesture, sales reps call quotas will fill much faster.


“Confirmed makes it easier for your prospects to say ‘yes’ to your meeting requests, and less likely to say ‘no’,” says David Radin, CEO, Confirmed. “Your invitations by email, SMS or LinkedIn allow your prospect to choose, in a single click, the best time to meet and the best place to meet. Then, follow-on workflow makes sure snafus don’t happen due to mistakes in scheduling.”


Confirmed claims its Salesforce apps increase customer meeting acceptance rate by 14 percent to 25 percent and decrease time and effort to schedule meetings for sales teams as well as logs reps communications into the appropriate Salesforce records.


Another competitor among scheduling Salesforce apps, TimeTrade, actually does function directly within Salesforce, and helps users leverage the power and experience of Salesforce in a new way, according to the company. Benefits to sales teams using TimeTrade include:


Pulling in critical resources to close deals faster for anyone on the team

Reducing the cycle of calling, chasing and waiting for customers to respond, since they are invited to self-schedule appointments

Speeding the sales cycle by accessing capabilities of TimeTrade without ever leaving Salesforce

“An appointment-driven, personalization solution, TimeTrade empowers businesses to connect with their customers, partners and employees in new ways,” says Gary Ambrosino, CEO, Time Trade. “Customers can book and receive meetings from within Salesforce to generate more qualified leads, hold more conversations and close deals faster.”

According to Time Trade, more than 500 of the world’s most successful brands—including the       largest banks, retailers and healthcare systems—rely on Time Trade to power live customer conversations and improve the customer experience.

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