Salesforce For Marketing And Customer Retention

Salesforce For Marketing And Customer Retention 1

So, done with all your possible researches about how you can use Salesforce for Marketing and customer retention? So, what’s the conclusion? Most probably you must have decided to go for Salesforce! Well, this is an appreciable decision.  You have spent a lot of time as well as revenue in collecting data of the customers, creating a strong social media presence, drawn the customer to your websites, networked like crazy, gathering data for leads, and you’ve converted leads into customers. We appreciate all these hard-work and efforts but what’s the overall benefit if the customers cancel their accounts after a month or so?

It is also possible that your competitors must have swiped your customer’s right out from under your nose without your realization! To retain the good customers you’ve got, you just need to make use of every possible tool available. Salesforce is a versatile CRM that can fit into nearly any sales and marketing process. But Salesforce is not a magic wand! To make your approaches fit your business expectations; you must work hard to use its full potential.

Let us discuss one of the main topics we should not ignore, i.e.

The Keys to Use Salesforce for Marketing and Customer Retentions:

Have a look:


  1. Use Integrations to Get All Your Customer Data in One Place
  2. Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers
  3. Use Lead Scoring to Benefit Marketing
  4. Structure and format your data properly
  5. Scoring campaign responses

Let us discuss the points in detail:

  • Use Integrations to Get All Your Customer Data in One Place:

Integration of sales team with marketing team leads to the improved customer service! Don’t know how? Suppose if the marketing team is using HubSpot for performing, the sales team is using Salesforce and customer service team uses Zendesk, then you can easily integrate all these three to create a transparent funnel in between all. It will be easier for marketing, sales, and customer service to get on the same page. Know When is it time to move my small business to Salesforce

You won’t believe but this integration lead to the 52% of customers purchase more from a company! Amazing isn’t it? Gone are the days when companies need to transfer the data manually from one app to another. Now, the details are saved using your customer service software. This transparency not only results in more positive feedback from customers but also can be more effective in customer retention.

  • Use Social Media to Reach Your Customers:

Do you know? There is a 15% increase in churn observed generally if you don’t respond to the customers via social media. Yes, you heard it right. So you have no other choice except being social on social media. If a user questions you anything on twitter, you must have to answer that particular question through twitter only. Use the tool Twitter’s Advanced Search feature to track these interactions. You can simply reply to the messages through hitting the reply button or even insert automated reply option. You can search through keywords and keep an eye on the performance. Know about how salesforce brings digital transformation to field workers with AI, analytics tools. 

Overall the main motive of this point is if you want to keep your business going, interact with customers in the way they feel most comfortable.

  • Use Lead Scoring to Benefit Marketing:

The various lead score means different outcome to the marketing team. Have a look:

  1. A zero-lead score clearly means there is no sign of engagement. The reasons for no engagement could be either wrong data that is the wrong email address or no interest at all.
  2. A slow ascending lead score means it is proceeding in a slow manner. It can bring up promising Leads that might respond to the right promotional offer.
  3. No time rising lead score means that an immediate hand-off to Sales is needed.
  • Structure and format your data properly:

It becomes quite complex to pull out the data from the system and maintain data integrity when the data are written in more than one form. So, when you are using Salesforce for marketing, it is important to establish a standardized naming convention for all of your campaigns.

Thus, this tactic makes the reading of the data much easier. Also, it is one of the easier and more convenient reporting observed yet. For example: If you name email campaign with this structure, like EMAIL [Campaign Name] [NAME], it will be more convenient for everyone to understand as all critical information is there and presented in a consistent fashion.

You can also arrange the further step by introducing new fields that further categorize and define campaigns that matters most important to you such as targeted buyer persona etc

  • Scoring campaign responses:

Each campaign has their own definition of success. For example, the success of an online webinar is measured by registered, attended, and did not attend tracks whereas the email success is measured by open rate, click rate, and bounce rate. To score the overall success o the campaign as a whole, first set standards of campaign success before sending things out. Then, make sure they would end up being consistent across all the other child campaigns.

There are various other ways to collect responses. Some of them are described below:

Salesforce For Marketing And Customer Retention 2

  1. Web-to-lead forms: integrate with Salesforce to store the data in it at the appropriate data entry. The biggest advantage of this tactic is automatically marked submissions with certain tags.
  2. Mass Import: The data is collected off-site in this technique.
  3. Manual Update: It is quite tidy and time- taking process. It is executed when customers respond via phone or email. The data is entered manually.
  4. Marketing automation tools: Take the use of the tools such as the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that automate the entire process from start to end. Not only this but also collect response data and put it into the CRM.

Summing up:

So, these were some of the ways to use Salesforce for marketing and customer retentions. Which one do you find the best of all? Try them, you won’t regret it.

Written by Vikas Arora

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