Samsung announces new SmartThings mesh Wi Fi System

Now Samsung has bring a new biggest update to its Wi-Fir product line that the company announced yesterday, for which using the new AI based wifi tech from the Plume Design Palo Alto based startup to provide the better connectivity to an entire office or home.

This solution is the company new SmartThings Wi-fi mesh network system which also comes with a built in SmartThings Hub. The company reveals that the integrated Plume’s technology means that the company can now even adapt the better internet usage among the consumers and use AI to allocate the bandwidth across the connected devices, which also chooses the optimal band and frequency channels o that the users get the fastest speed.

 “As more people embrace a connected lifestyle, we’re focused on creating the best experiences so they can get more out of their smart home,” SK Kim, which is the senior director for internet of things (IoT)product marketing at the America Head office of Samsung Electronics, said in a released statement as part of today’s announcement. “SmartThings Wifi is an intelligent solution that adapts to the many devices in the home, with mesh capability to eliminate coverage gaps plus a built-in SmartThings Hub to easily monitor and control hundreds of compatible smart products.”

Samsung is selling out the three pack of the wifi units from today onwards at an official website of Samsung for an amount of $279.99. user can also get the single device at a cost for $119.99.

The company also revealed that they has also included the SmartThings Hub Works which only works as a kind of brain for the connected smart home with the smartThings ecosystem which makes it easy to automate and manage the home with the help of a one hub and app. It is easily compatible with hundreds of devices which is available in the market.

Written by Sony T

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