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How the ARTIK Cloud is Samsung’s First Consolidated Effort at Combinig Cloud and IoT

Cloud computing, big data analytics, neural networks, IoT devices- seems like a random jumble of buzzwords that have been picked from one of the hundreds of developer conferences going around the world at any given date.

But, what if I were to tell you that these are not buzzwords. Rather these are the four services that form the backbone of the ARTIK Cloud Platform. And behind this new venture is none other than the Korean electronics giant Samsung.

What is ARTIK?

samsung artik cloud and iot effort

So what exactly is the ARTIK platform? As Samsung puts it, it’s an end to end service platform for providing a complete experience for all aspects of the IoT development experience. They’re offering hardware modules in the near future as well in a bid to support IoT developers and providing a complete tool.
Samsung has also integrated with this a Cloud system that not only provides the software support for their IoT modules but also is an open sourced system that can be used by many other developers as well.

Why Should Other IoT Players Pay Attention?

samsung artik cloud and iot effort

Before we can answer that question, it becomes highly important that we cast a quick at the current top dogs in the cloud service provider industry. This is vital in this context as we find that almost all major entrants into the Arena have had little experience with the hardware side of things with software being their main forte.

In fact barring, Amazon and their Echo line of devices, almost all these companies at this moment have their attentions fixed on building an easy to work with software solution for individuals and industries working with IoT modules. Samsung, one of the largest electronic companies in the world, can storm the field if they manage to produce a comprehensive product.

#1. The Hardware Scope of Samsung

samsung artik cloud and iot effort

Being one of the largest electronic companies for household appliances gives Samsung an unique opportunity and perspective into the consumer IoT space. In fact, their dream of a smart connected home has been well on it’s way now as we see they have already launched a connected refrigerator and a whole lineup of Smart TVs, Ovens which run on their own Operating System Tizen.

#2. Integration for MultiPlatform IoT Developers



Samsung’s hardware integration flows on over to the software side as well as along with the development of a universal language for all IoT communications on the ARTIK platform, Samsung also provides open APIs and easy access to a separate rules engine that can easily transcode programmes written in platform SDKs for Objective-C, Java, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, and C#; and Tizen 3.0.

#3. A Security and Convenience First Approach

samsung artik cloud and iot effort

Having a secure IoT platform is paramount as we discussed in one of our latest articles. Building on that sentiment of the developer community Samsung has introduced several security measures into ARTIK that includes device registrations, user authentications and authorizations and a fully fleshed out permission system.

Samsung is focussed on reducing the clutter in most IoT Systems by eliminating the need to interface across various client and devices that have trouble communicating on common ground. They intend to develop a new language that has support for multiple protocols including but not limited to REST/HTTP, Websockets, MQTT, and CoAP.

“Our vision for the ARTIK platform is an end-to-end experience that reduces the obstacles, challenges, and time-to-market for IoT solutions,”

Said Young Sohn, who is the president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics.

And with strategic partnerships with SmartThings, Legrand, and Digibe Software, the time has clearly come for the other IoT players to sit up and take notice!


Written by Amartya Baidya

A 22-year-old Bong from Kolkata, Amartya’s passion for ‘sondesh’ is matched only by his curiosity in tech. Rumor has it, that he once got a nasty electric shock. Ever since then he has been found to dismantle electronics with a vengeance and mod everything that goes beep.

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