Samsung defeats Apple to win phone of the year award

Here’s some good news for the crisis stricken South Korean tech giant Samsung. While on one hand, the company is all over the news for its new Note 7 phone overheating and exploding, on the other hand, its S7 Edge has recently been awarded the best phone of the year by one of the leading tech magazines in the world.

Samsung’s S7 Edge, which is also the company’s best-selling phone, was crowned the phone of the year at the T3 awards. It bet one of top contenders, iPhone 7, to seal the first spot.

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While Apple did lose out on the phone of the year award, it walked out with the gadget of the decade award for its iPad. The category celebrated the T3 awards’ 10th year, also included runners-up like the PlayStation 3 and Netflix.

The award night also proved a good night for the Virtual Reality headset HTC Vive, which ended up taking home three awards- gadget of the year, gaming product of the year and innovation of the year.

In addition to winning the phone of the year biggie, Samsung also grabbed the best wearable technology award for its Gear S2 smartwatch, and the brand of the year award.

Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, ended up sweeping the tech legend award and the founder of world’s smallest personal computer Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton, was awarded for his outstanding contribution to the world of tech.

Looking behind at the decade of tech, T3’s editor said, “It’s incredible to look back over the past 10 years of tech and see how it’s changed and influenced the world we live in. Apple’s iPhone is a more than worthy recipient of gadget of the decade – it paved the way for all modern smartphones.”

Others who stuck gold included Tesla, which won car of the year award for Model X, and Sony which won the television of the year title for its excellent XD93 model.

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