Should You Upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S7 from the S6?

When it comes to Android devices, one company stands head and shoulder above all others-Samsung. Fuelling this Korean Giants meteoric rise to the top of the Android smartphone market has been the success of its Galaxy lineup of smartphones, watches, and even TVs.

Today we take a look at the latest flagship in the S lineup from Samsung, the Galaxy S7. Long criticised for using cheap and plasticky materials for its premium line of devices, Samsung brought along a change in its core design language in the Galaxy S6. Following in the same vein, but improving on almost all aspects, Samsung unveiled the S7 at MWC Barcelona, 2016.

What’s New in The Samsung Galaxy S7?

We will not bore you with the detailed list of specifications, in fact, the video above showcases all the hardware and software aspects of the S7 rather well. Let’s instead focus on what has changed from the S6 to the S7.


Micro SD card expansion has always been one of the staples of Samsung S Series Devices, and the S6 faced a lot of flak for not including one. Samsung does indeed listen to its customers, and the Galaxy S7 comes embellished with an SD card slot disguised in the form of a Hybrid slot that can be used for either expanding the memory or adding another SIM card.

Waterproofing also makes a come back as the new S7 comes with the IP67 rating. This means that the Samsung’s latest flagship can take a dunk in the swimming pool and still come out unharmed.

Other than this, the internal specifications have been bumped up while maintaining the gorgeous 2K AMOLED screen. Rounding up the hardware improvements, Samsung has packed in a 12 mp camera, and while the megapixel count may be a notch less, the bigger pixel size and OIS more than make up for it!


Now, good hardware is nothing without excellent software to pair it with. TouchWiz makes a return in the S7 sans the lag and jitter of previous iterations. Running atop the latest version of Android, Marshmallow, the S7 packs the latest and most secure software that Google and Samsung have to offer.

So, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is one heck of a device! But is it worth an upgrade from the last years S6?

The Final Verdict!

Samsung Galaxy S7

Well as it is with most tech debates, there is no cookie cut answer to this one! The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a great device and whether it is a worthy upgrade, depends entirely on your use case scenario.

Here are a few people who might consider upgrading to the S7 from the S6

  • Power Users: The increased horsepower, expandable memory, and better battery life makes the S7 totally worth the money
  • The Adventurers: If you’re the one sort of person who heads out a lot, then this is the phone for you. The great camera and the waterproofing makes this an ideal companion for you!
  • The Tech Enthusiasts: If the latest and greatest in tech is what you crave, then the S7 is the phone that you’ll need to get your hands on.

Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing. Is the price worth it? If you’re living in the US or the UK and have carrier subsidy, it’s quite easy turning in your old S6 and getting a new S7. For the rest of the world? Maybe wait a few more days till the prices are lowered a bit!


Written by Amartya Baidya

A 22-year-old Bong from Kolkata, Amartya’s passion for ‘sondesh’ is matched only by his curiosity in tech. Rumor has it, that he once got a nasty electric shock. Ever since then he has been found to dismantle electronics with a vengeance and mod everything that goes beep.

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