Samsung is considering Bing search on Galaxy Android phones

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Microsoft’s Bing is replacing the Alphabet Inc.’s Google as the default search service on Samsung Electronics Co. devices.

Samsung is the world’s leading smartphone maker which is making the consideration to switch. This will create the risk of around $3 billion in annual revenue for Google. Bing is currently causing a threat to Google’s search dominance which has grown more credible in recent months with the addition of OpenAI’s technology. This is going to facilitate quick responses to user queries.

Samsung shipped 261 million smartphones in 2022; all these devices are currently at the stage of running Google’s Android software. The Korean company has long-established partnerships with both Microsoft and Google, and its devices come preloaded with a library of apps and services. Samsung still has not made any decision regarding the same.

Currently, Google is working on several projects for the up gradation and renew of its search services to avoid losing ground. The several projects are inclusive of adding artificial intelligence features to its existing offerings, under a project named Magi. There are more than 160 people working on the project.

Google is getting excited about bringing new AI-powered features to search and will share more details. Google representative have not made any kind of comment on the company’s negotiations with Samsung.

The deal between Samsung and Apple Inc. is valued at roughly $20 billion in annual revenue. Mountain View has a commanding market share in mobile devices in the US also in the rest of the world.

Large language models, such as ChatGPT and the chatbot functionality in Microsoft’s Bing are not new to Google. The company is making the utilization of LLMs to anticipate the intent of users’ queries. Google is also planning to make launch Bard, its own chatbot search assistant.

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