Samsung Launches Galaxy S24 Series with AI Camera

Samsung launches AI-packed S24 series - S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra, priced $1299, $1000 and $800.

By Sunil Sonkar
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Samsung Launches Galaxy S24 Series with AI Camera

Samsung launched Wednesday its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 series and unveiled the S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. These new phones from are priced at $1299, $1000 and $800 respectively. These are all about the latest AI technology to make them stand out in the fancy phone market.


At the big event in San Jose, California, Samsung showed off the cool things that the S24 phones can do with AI. The company is also promising to keep the phones updated with new features as well as security for a long time – seven generations of updates and seven years of security, just like Apple does.

One standout feature highlighted at the event is the Galaxy AI’s ability to transcribe and translate phone calls in real-time, supporting 13 languages. This new feature is cool because it keeps everything private. It does all the stuff it needs to do right on your phone, so your stuff stays yours. Plus, the smart AI can also help translate text messages in the Google Messages app using Chat Assist.

Samsung simultaneously introduced a new tool called Note Assist for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, enhancing note-taking experiences. This special feature makes messy notes look better and easier to understand. The Galaxy AI can even make quick summaries from these notes, making it easier to share and talk about stuff.

In collaboration with Google, Samsung announced a revolutionary search experience on the Galaxy S24 series. Users can now highlight, circle, scribble and perform various actions on their screens to search for additional context. The cool thing called Circle to Search makes finding stuff on your phone way faster and easier than before. It is a quicker way to look for things compared to the old-fashioned methods.

The camera capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra took center stage, with a notable focus on the 5x optical lens. Replacing the 10x optical zoom 10MP sensor combo from the previous model, the S24 Ultra boasts a 5x, 50MP combo for enhanced photography experiences. The Galaxy AI makes the camera even better. You can move things around in your photos, make the pictures straight and even make cool slow-motion videos with extra frames.

Samsung emphasized improved CPU, GPU and NPU performance, declaring the Galaxy S24 series as the ultimate gaming devices. Coupled with larger batteries across the lineup, users can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worrying about battery life.

Apart from all these, the Galaxy S24 Ultra has a really strong titanium body, showing Samsung likes making top-quality stuff. They also gave us a sneak peek of something called the Galaxy Ring, a cool new wearable.

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