Samsung launches Instagram and Facebook AR filter

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One of the largest smartphone manufacturers, Samsung, has now revealed AR filters on two of the most prominent social media channels of the world – Instagram and Facebook. These filters can be used to visualize Samsung’s Frame TV directly from their home. This will not just end here; the company is also giving away the Frame TV for the lucky customers for free.

These new and amazing AR filters will be going to allow the customers to get a closer look at the Frame TV in their home and get an idea of how the TV should look in their bedroom or living room without actually buying the product. This also gives a proper insight to the consumers who are actually interested in buying the Frame TV for their home.

How to Experience Frame TV with the help of AR?


To experience the Frame TV using AR, all you need to do is to just open the Instagram or Facebook application on the iOS or Android smartphone and then facing the camera at the same of the wall and then simply select the Samsung AR Frame TV Filter. This filter also has an option to select various bezels and art options and will also help to check out the dimensions to check if the product matches the styling of their home.

Also make sure, that this is not the first AR demo that Samsung has revealed. The company has already had a SpaceMax Family HubTM refrigerator and Serif lifestyle TV AR available on both Instagram and Facebook, which can be accessed as easily as accessing the Frame TV AR.

Win Free Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV is one of the most modern-looking smart TVs in the country, with a bezel-less design and display. It has also revealed a new contest offer on this, where it is providing a same for free of cost. To win the Samsung Frame TV, a user just has to use the AR filter on Facebook or Instagram and place the Frame TV on their wall.

Then user has to choose the bezel of their choice along with an artwork of their choice and then take a screenshot of the same and post it on the social media channels by tagging the Samsung India page. The content was only till 9th September 2021, and the winners will now going to be announced on the 27th of September 2021 on the Samsung India Official Instagram and Facebook Page.

What are AR filters?

AR or Augmented Reality is an interactive experience that allows us to put digital objects into a real-time world environment. These effects can improve our perception of real life in an educational and entertaining way.

And AR filters are the social media version of the Augmented Reality (AR). They are hyper immersive, available on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram and can also be custom made, quick and cost-effective. They are hugely engaging, with some AR filters getting billions of impressions.

Augmented Reality is more attractive and engaging than video and video is HUGE!

As we know that there are more than 1 billion users across the globe on Instagram, which makes it the biggest platform for branded augmented reality AR filters. It is a colossal amount of eyeballs looking for the most engaging content. And research shows that those who use the AR filters use them on an average of around 80 seconds.

AR Filters are easy and faster to create than you think.

Depending on the selective level of detail which you would like in your AR filter, delivery times can be as little as 1-5 days. With respect to Facebook publishing approval time which is around ten business days. This makes them perfect for agile campaigns and marketing things.

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