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Samsung Launches Chipsets To Make Cars Smarter

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One of the largest IT Tech Giant company Samsung has now made its entry into auto space with the introduction of its new brands which is much more targeted at the solution with respect to the automobiles. The Samsung ISOCELL and Exynos Auto which also offers the cutting edge processor and the image sensor technology solutions to the road. The Eynos Auto will help manufacturers develop in-car apps for advanced driving assistance systems, telematics, and infotainment.

ISOCELL Auto, on the other hand, is as of now is also targeting at developing in-vehicle infotainment system and the telematics solutions. The sensor provides for the betterment and visibility of the road and surrounding even when there is low light for precise identifications of objects.

Samsung opened its biggest mobile store across the globe in India as it is also trying to take pole position in the world second biggest smartphone market amid fierce competition from some of the Chinese brands. The South Korean tech giant roughly 33000 square foot store in the southern tech hub part of Bangalore which will help it extend its lead in India over the rival of Apple, which has yet to open any of their flagship stores in the country.

As of now, India is boasting billions of wireless connections, which presents a lucrative opportunity for the smartphone makers to expand in the country China and the United States where growth has been slowed down. Samsung had also opened its world biggest smartphone plant in Delhi NCR just two months ago.

“India is a developing market,” the Senior Vice President of Samsung, M Singh told in a report.

“These stores … will help us further consolidate our share as we move forward,” Singh said. The new stores will going to feature a Samsung mobile smartphones and will also showcase its latest innovations and electronic products.

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