Satyukt Analytics Expands for Sat2Farm App to Empower Farmers

By Srikanth
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Satyukt Analytics Expands for Sat2Farm App to Empower Farmers 1

Satyukt, a global Ag-tech aims to revolutionize farming practices worldwide, announces the expansion of language support for its Sat2Farm mobile application. Sat2Farm, a satellite-based agricultural monitoring system, has widened its language offerings to cater to farmers across the globe, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity for users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.


Agriculture is a global industry, and farmers worldwide need access to technological tools and information. With over 5.35 billion people now connected online, the power of the internet continues to grow, enabling individuals from all corners of the world to engage with a vast array of online resources.

“English has achieved global status, but not all farmers speak English fluently,” says Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer, Founder & CEO, Satyukt Analytics. “Providing agricultural apps in vernacular languages ensures that language barriers do not prevent farmers from accessing important information and utilizing the full potential of agricultural technologies.”

Sat2Farm, initially available primarily in English, has expanded its language support to include several international languages such as Swahili, French, Spanish, Malay, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. This expansion aims to make Sat2Farm’s services accessible to a global audience and to better serve users who may not be proficient in English.

“We recognize the importance of language accessibility in reaching farmers across diverse regions and cultures,” adds Dr. Sat Kumar Tomer, Founder & CEO, Satyukt Analytics “By expanding language support for Sat2Farm, we aim to empower farmers worldwide with valuable real-time data and insights to enhance their farming practices.”

With the latest update, Sat2Farm users now have access to a comprehensive database covering over 80 pests and diseases commonly affecting crops worldwide. Additionally, users can benefit from 80+ crop calendars available in their preferred language, facilitating optimized farming practices. Furthermore, irrigation advisories tailored for over 50 crops are provided, offering users valuable insights to enhance their irrigation management strategies.

To access Sat2Farm in their preferred language, users simply need to download the Sat2Farm application on their mobile devices from the Google Play Store, install it, select the language of choice, and sign up.

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