Satyukt Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Precision Farming

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Satyukt Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Precision Farming 1

Satyukt, a global Ag-tech aims to revolutionize farming practices worldwide, offering smart solutions tailored to stakeholders in agriculture. It promotes the digitization of agriculture through its innovative use of satellite-derived data and a blend of modern technologies including cloud computing, mobile technology, Big Data, Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Satyukt’s diverse range of products and services provides actionable insights to empower stakeholders, facilitating informed decisions and sustainable agricultural practices on a global scale.


Satyukt, ASSOCHAM UP-UK and GNET are spearheading efforts to create a sustainable and technologically advanced future for farmers and agricultural stakeholders to increase their farm income. Together, they collaborate to pave the way for a future where technology plays a central role in driving sustainable practices and enhancing the livelihoods of small, marginal and large farmers.

Satyukt, ASSOCHAM UP-UK and GNET have forged a strategic alliance poised to revolutionize precision farming using Sat2Farm technology. Since 65 % of the total population of UP is dependent on Agriculture, this partnership enables Satyukt to effortlessly deliver farm management solutions to all types of farmers and stakeholders aligned with ASSOCHAM UP-UK and GNET, streamlining the agricultural practices by providing instant, near real-time information which can be accessible from anywhere on the globe.

ASSOCHAM UP-UK stands as a prominent state-level chamber of commerce and industry, representing a diverse range of enterprises across large, medium, and small sectors in private, cooperative, and public domains. Dedicated to fostering industrial development and business advancement in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, ASSOCHAM UP-UK collaborates closely with government bodies to facilitate the introduction of new businesses and procurement processes. With a core focus on promoting industrial well-being, fostering overall growth, and ensuring economic prosperity, ASSOCHAM UP-UK is committed to advancing the welfare of the industry and driving sustainable economic progress.

Global New Energies and Technologies (GNET)- Are authorized vendors with GOI and Govt of UP and are licensed for manufacturing, importing and trading agricultural machines, sprayers, levelers and other heavy agri machines from different manufacturers. GNET has a very strong network connecting various Farmers Producers Organizations (FPO) and directly with farmers. It has been using latest art of technologies to serve for the benefits of the farmers.

Sat2Farm, is a mobile application, revolutionizes farming by providing real-time precision farming information to farmers, encompassing vital information on soil health, moisture levels, crop health, pests, and diseases. Leveraging satellite-based technology, Sat2Farm equips farmers with essential insights to optimize resource allocation and effectively manage pests and diseases. By harnessing Sat2Farm’s precision agriculture tools, farmers can enhance their yields, lower input costs, and make informed decisions, leveling the agricultural playing field. This innovative technology empowers farmers, irrespective of size or resources, to bolster their productivity and economic prosperity.

Through this partnership, Sat2Farm revolutionizes agricultural practices for farmers aligned with ASSOCHAM UP-UK and GNET, offering unparalleled control and insight into their operations. Though the state has achieved self-sufficiency in ensuring food safety and is advancing beyond the necessary standards, this integration transcends traditional methods of soil testing, identifying the pests and diseases, and irrigation practices by providing a seamless platform where data seamlessly flows, empowering farmers and stakeholders to make informed decisions. Moreover, collaboration extends to agribusinesses and researchers, who leverage integrated data to gain valuable insights into regional agricultural trends, enabling strategic resource allocation and fostering sustainable growth across the agricultural value chain of Uttar Pradesh.

By harnessing the power of technology and data-driven insights, the Satyukt, ASSOCHAM UP-UK and GNET partnership transcends mere technological advancement. It signifies a commitment to driving positive socioeconomic change, empowering farmers, and creating a sustainable and prosperous future for the agricultural community of Uttar Pradesh.

Dr. Yukti, MD, Co-Founder of Satyukt, enthusiastically announced that “the collaboration aims to bring precision farming information to the doorsteps of farmers, harnessing the technological advancements developed by Satyukt in recent years. Looking ahead, he highlighted that precision farming will help farmers in reducing the cost of cultivation and increase the crop productivity, thereby increasing the farmers’ income”.

Mr. Abhithosh Asthana, managing partners, GNET, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Setting sail on this transformative voyage alongside Satyukt ignites us with excitement and anticipation. Our shared dedication to innovation propels us to lead the charge in delivering precise agricultural services. This steadfast dedication drives our endeavor towards continuous agricultural advancement, to nurture lasting value for both farmers and agricultural stakeholders”.

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