Scientists create AI that can crush the world’s best AI

Scientists create AI that can crush the world's best AI 1

Humans as of now have mostly that they will never be as good at chess as the robots, but now even the robots have to accept that they will never be as good just like the robots.

A new artificial intelligence has now accepted which is known by the name as AlphaZero, can learn the games of Go, Chess, and Shogi from Scratch without any of the human intervention. With the help of deep neural networks, AlphaZero quickly learned each game “to become the strongest player in the entire history.”

AlphaZero was revealed by the DeepMind Technologies in the research which was published on 6th of November. DeepMind, a British AI subsidiary of Alphabet and Google parent company has been now tinkering with the Go AI for a number of years. In the year 2017, DeepMind retired former AI champion AlphaGo, but also continued tinkering with the AI. With the AlphaZero, DeepMind research has also reached its Zenith. The program was pitted against the world best Artificial Intelligence for the three board games:

StockFish, a world champion chess AI

Elmo, winner of 27th annual world computer shogi championship in 2017

AlphaGo Zero, DeepMind’s own Go Artificial Intelligence touted as the strongest Go Player in the history.

AlphaZero was given the entire knowledge about the games basic rules. Before taking on the AI masters, it would then play the millions of games against itself, by simply starting off trying random tactics to win but slowly learning which other strategies work best with a process known as trial and error called the “reinforcement learning”.

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