Scope for Aution in HealthCare in Big Data

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Healthcare is a sector that has been gaining a huge amount of investment in terms of business intelligence, automation, big data and IoT- namely the most exciting sectors in technology nowadays. However, the proliferation of artificial intelligence creates a strange moment where one must pause and wonder if this is going to be the next revolutionary step in the history of medicine. While technology has started replacing human bodies in various works, the day is still far away where it can function as a specialized doctor. In fact, experts do not believe that artificial intelligence will replace jobs, it will improve them.

Deep learning for various aspects

Recently, combining image processing and analytics, a software has come up that aids in deep learning process of the cardiac MRI. While this has increased the efficiency of the process remarkably and cuts down the cost to a great extent, it surely has made doctors worrisome as it seems to have the potential to make many medical related jobs redundant. Since healthcare is expensive, it can only be better if cheap technology can be incorporated to make better decisions. However, this is not foolproof.

Scope for Aution in HealthCare in Big Data

A shortcut without guarantee

The difficult bit in this process is to rely on the shortcut. Of course, an experienced radiologist cannot be replaced by a software because the experience cannot be found in algorithms. In fact, there are situations where the images may initially point to something. But, later on, you discover it to be pointing to something more sinister which you could not gather from a basic preview. Of course, there is a consistency issue involved with machines since they provide similar quality of service through a long period of time. Another good thing about machines is their storage of data.

Why medical science needs data?

Data is the probably the most essential thing about medical science. Not only do you need humongous amount of data for processing if you want medical science to perform some analytical insight, but also you need it for keeping a track of things for various patients. That can be used in another analytical scenario to make sure the patient gets an even better treatment. While the information requires security measures, data science have been able to provide necessary security to make sure your private information is safe and sound.

Maximizing outcome

The aim of healthcare is to provide maximum value to people through medical science. However, in the age of interdisciplinary situations, the conversation between analytics and medical science only ensures that great benefit can come from a collaboration where there is a symbiosis between the two. Who knows, the next great innovation may come from a research in the big data scenario for the medical science causes. So, if you want to know what would be the best solution, you cannot rely on doctors alone. Patients will get services quicker in a more accurate fashion with increase in mortality rate. This is surely the vision of a better and healthier world where data can indirectly cure people.

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