Search Engines need to update to keep up with IoT


The world of communication has something ever-present and yet, you may not have noticed it because of its obviousness. It is the search engines that help you connect with knowledge, information and data. The search mechanisms at play are surely state-of-the-art innovations to say the least. However, challenge has been posed the latest developments in IoT or internet of things. Since millions and billions are connected by this ever-expanding technology, the situation calls for an upgrade in terms of browsers so that they can be well-integrated in the context of IoT.

Search engines are no longer used for simple searches. They have been redefined by their ability to connect various kinds of data and provide a wholesome scenario at various points. But, a complete connection between the layers such as physical, cyber and social is precisely what the IoT aims at. It is here they need the help of browsers and their cooperation to take the innovation to the next step.

iot in demand of search engine

IoT data is not simply data about something; rather, it is the most properly indexed data with high efficiency to ensure that no device gets affected by garbage data. So, in this case, data discovery becomes important and it is not simply optimizing the discovery process. In fact, the IoT devices are in huge numbers in the Internet which poses the more challenging situation to the search engine developers. Now, as IoT is enabled, data should be extracted from IoT devices themselves so that a new world of data opens up beyond the existing layers.

The more such improvement happens, the more browsers will become relevant in futuristic technologies such as automated cars, monitoring of environmental concerns and smart cities. So, whether the information is local or global, the search engines should be optimized in such a way that any relevant information is delivered to you. In fact, search engines should work towards a secured layer of data so that the mode of access does not become a mode of hacking either.

With IoT, days of searching through human intervention may well be gone as machine to machine search will become predominant. Such a process is necessary for automation to pervade every sphere of life. IoT surely poses a lot of security issues but it is your challenge too to ensure that IoT can function without the disturbance of hackers. Only then can IoT realize its true potential and enable the machines to interact among themselves.

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