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Anuj Garg, Co-founder and CEO, Inscripts Say Namaste

Introduction about  Anuj Garg “Say Namaste”

Anuj Garg, alumni of RA Poddar College of Commerce and Economics is a serial entrepreneur. His inherent talent for business has always been evident right since his early childhood when he dabbled in developing websites all the way to his career’s present trajectory by co-founding successful ventures. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Anuj has always sought innovative, scalable ways to grow businesses which has empowered him to successfully build companies and platforms over the last decade.

In 2004, while still in high school, Anuj along with his twin brother Anant launched their first product – Envision- an image gallery, that was soon followed by a data collection product meant for the use of educational institutes. The products witnessed huge success and the brothers pivoted to software products and subsequently co-founded Inscriptions, in 2009.

Anuj Garg is the Co-founder and CEO of Inscripts, which launched Say Namaste in April 2020. Say Namaste, a video conferencing product for Indian users — enterprise and personal alike focuses on privacy, high end encryption and a user friendly interface.

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Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are a private venture, new companies, or individual organizations, buying a piece of gathering video conferencing programming with more than $100/have/month appears to be not to be essential and cost-proficient. In the conditions, a free-gathering video conferencing device is a superior decision.

Can you explain more about  Inscripts  

Inscripts, was launched in 2009 by me and my twin brother Anant Garg. Headquartered in Mumbai, Inscripts is a product development company that offers encrypted text and communication services to some of the largest companies across the globe. The company specialises in plugging-in communication services such as video conferencing and chat applications as an additional feature within websites and platforms. Privacy and security are the core components of Inscript’s DNA and as an organisation, are thoroughly compliant with GDPR.

Inscripts has been in the B2B space for over 10 years now and with the launch of Say Namaste video conferencing product we have entered the B2C segment.

Motivation behind chat application from Inscripts     

The motivation behind all our products is to offer affordable, customised, easy to use solutions that seamlessly integrate with our customers platform, with a focus on providing a delightful secure user experience.

Idea behind Say Namaste. How did you differentiate from other video conferencing apps available in Market

Say Namaste - Secure Home Grown Video Conference App for Individuals & Business 1

Say Namaste was launched during the lockdown period. It was born out of the need of having access to a simple to use interface providing a great user experience. We are a company of techies. For us, every problem is an opportunity to leverage technology and make our lives better.

The idea was born during one of virtual meetings where we decided to design a video conferencing platform for our internal use. It was coded over a weekend,  but to get users’ feedback, we released the beta to a select user base and before we knew it, it went viral with thousands of downloads within 72 hours of the beta launch.

Earlier video conferencing was restricted to the recesses of highly tech-enabled businesses only. As WFH becomes the new accepted corporate culture, many businesses that were averse to connecting remotely due to security concerns have taken to it. The last few months video conferencing market has seen a sharp spike in usage with end users extensively using various platforms for both personal and work reasons. Customers are, without a doubt, spoilt for choice.

Say Namaste being one of the few secure, homegrown video conferencing solutions, has been widely accepted by both individuals and corporates alike.

What’s the USP of  Inscripts     

Inscripts is a 10-year-old product development company and enables platforms to incorporate seamless added functionalities of communication services and encrypted texts into their service. We provide high-end, comprehensive services to our clients with competitive pricing.

Any Funding received

Say Namaste is bootstrapped.

User base achieved till now

Our Android and iOS apps launched in May and June respectively, have been trending in the top charts for the past few weeks on iOS & google play store, and Say Namaste continues to grow with over 1 million app downloads and hosts 50,000+ daily meetings on the platform

New Areas if looking to expand

At Inscripts, we see ‘Say Namaste’ emerging as a long term business vertical for us and our focus would be to provide a great experience for our users and focusing on building a secure privacy first experience. We are also in the process of building out and expanding our team.

Future plans

We are days away from the commercial roll out. We are looking to add features and build customisations in the product for use cases. Exploring an enterprise version of the service, we are also in the process of running pilots with some organisations.

Currently, the platform can support upto 50 participants without affecting the performance of the product; we are working towards supporting 100 live participants in one call, apart from that Say Namaste will also be available in multiple regional languages as well as offer functionality such as OTP verification for added security. Irrespective of multiple versions of the product our end goal was, is and will always be to provide a delightful secure user experience.

Few words about Techiexpert

Built by keeping local sensibilities in mind as well as particular user behaviors, Say Namaste is a homegrown video conferencing product focused on security and a great user experience.

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