Security Concerns for cloud computing adoption


Cloud Computing has taken the market by storm and enterprises are realizing its potential sooner or later.

However, after the initial excitement regarding cloud, dust have settled somewhat and enterprises are now asking the necessary questions among which security becomes a prime concern.

While there is no doubt that cloud offers a unique opportunity in terms of storage, it is also worth remembering that opening it up to the domain of web also opens it up to the possible security concerns that now plagues the enterprises. Companies have shifted half of their IT environment to the cloud- no matter whether private, hybrid or public.

Among those, the users of public clouds are the ones most concerned regarding the security of the data as well as the location of it.

The myth of security

While there is much noise regarding the lack of security, it is also essential to remember that the on-premise workforce was never too secure either. Hence, the hullabaloo regarding cloud’s apparent lack of security is not worth it. In fact, researchers have come forth to investigate the process of cloud adoption.

The concern has been raised because of the continuous hacks by some of the world’s most renowned hacking groups. Even the biggest brands have not been safe from it. Understanding the danger, cloud vendors have decided that they need to ensure security to continue their business. Hence, once the security services are deployed, the number of hacks has decreased drastically.

The problem of access

While security has been to some extent ensured, there is one major problem which is closely linked security. It is the tracking of the data. Often, multiple tenants exist in one single cloud environment. That may pose some issues regarding data monitoring. In fact, even locating the data storage becomes a hectic process. Such an environment lets data be kept inside logical pools instead of servers in real locations.

Hence, the continuously shifting nature of the data poses considerable challenge in grounding the data in a specific location. Often, vendors do try to locate the data approximately. However, customers are often forced to take their word for it since they cannot search on their own. The transparency henceforth has become a serious issue in the domain of security.

The change in attitude

Whenever a client is facing an issue or a grievance, the enterprise must respond with a solution. Hence, the data location is no longer a problem as many vendors are now allowing having some amount of transparency in terms of it. Security Concerns for cloud computing adoption

Hence, if you are being continuously rejected by a vendor whenever you want to know about the location of your data, shift your loyalties immediately. But, there is one small problem in it.

Unless you are a really big player in the market, the vendor may not pay heed to you. Hence, cloud service providers, especially the big ones are now coming forth with certifications and detailed documentations of their functions. However, choosing the best out of it for your purpose remains a challenge.


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